Hengda Taobao 312 million loss in the first half of the policy can help boost profitability aptana studio

Hengda Taobao 312 million loss in the first half of the policy can help boost profitability? Sina finance news from the new three stage in senior high school entrance examination one week, three new board enterprise star Hengda Taobao disclosed the 2016 semi annual report. In the first half of the club to the total revenue of 430 million yuan, has created the historical record over the same period; the first half of the year, the company achieved revenue of 251 million yuan, an increase of 111.66%; in the first half of the money burning "only" a loss of 312 million yuan, while last year the figure was 348 million yuan. This is regarded as the most potential sports company, but can not escape the curse of loss; policy help sports development environment, he should go from here? The main products of star enterprise escape the loss of doom for the team Hengda provided by Taobao to participate in the competition and the corresponding peripheral products, to provide services to commercial endorsements, advertising etc.. Semi annual report shows that in the first half of 2016 the company’s total revenue of 431 million yuan, an increase of $285 million over the same period last year, mainly advertising revenue and players transfer revenue growth. But at the same time, the first half of the total cost of Hengda Taobao 743 million yuan, resulting in Hengda Taobao is still a loss of $312 million, compared with the same period last year to reduce losses of $36 million 650 thousand. According to its semi annual disclosure of the loss is mainly due to the introduction of coaches and players pay and transfer costs are still at a high level. In order to maintain the competitiveness of the team, Hengda Taobao in the first half of the introduction of the Martinez and other players, resulting in operating costs in the first half of the company amounted to 705 million yuan; and the sale of El Eriksson players such as the transfer fee is only 178 million yuan. 2015 Hengda Taobao operating costs of up to 1 billion 300 million, operating income grew by 10.98%, net profit of -9.8 billion. The high cost of player salaries, operating income in the domestic football club and the surrounding commodity revenue is limited, so that Taobao can not escape the loss of a curse. The government’s support for the market space has not yet been developed before 2014, the government’s emphasis on the sports industry is not too high. But in 2014, this situation has been changed, the State Council issued document No. 46, clearly put forward the sports industry to GDP in 2025 reached 5 trillion yuan, which means that the sports industry in the next 10 years compound growth rate will reach more than 27%, this value is much higher than the growth rate of GDP. Then in July 13th of this year, the State Sports General Administration issued the "sports industry development plan", "13th Five-Year" to further clarify the planning of the sports industry in the next five years, in 2020 the total size of the sports industry over 3 trillion yuan. Compared with the previous 46 documents, this plan is more detailed and specific, for the development of the sports industry in the next five years to build a strategic blueprint. On the one hand, the government’s strong support, on the other hand, it is a huge market space has not yet been developed. 2015, the average value of the global sports industry accounted for 2% of the proportion of GDP, of which the United States, France, South Korea, the proportion of their own GDP accounted for the highest in the world, are about 3%. In a while相关的主题文章: