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Here illegally built too crazy   two six canopy room – Finance – pick out from the floor of the wire in the rickety Changping District Richie No. 24 homes in front of the building space into some residents "personal territory, public space covered originally wide from a seat small cottage, with the residents even from their own the section of wire. This makes the building residents see the willies. The status quo: the building before the building is built at noon yesterday, the reporters came to the home building No. 24, this is a tower, around the tower, has built more than and 20 small bungalow, some houses around the circle on the fence. Reporters noted that some of these houses are built up with bricks, and more houses are built of plastic steel plate. Small cottage area of about 10 square meters, most of the security doors installed. When a lot of houses came to bring their own doors and windows, the overall good to the yard." Resident Mr. Liu told reporters that the steel housing is directly done by truck to the building, and these small bungalows are building tenants. "Arguably, it should cover unauthorized people do not, in a sneaky way, directly in the daytime by truck to pull in a flagrant way of installation, and more and more." Liu is angry that the recent short two days, the number of downstairs actually built a small cottage in the middle of the six of the 24. Mr. Liu said, to build a small cottage has been two years, started only a few residents secretly built a small house, probably saw no relevant departments to manage, your courage is also more and more big, the recent cover of illegal housing situation intensified. Reporters noted that these small bungalows to erode residential buildings around the space, some distance from residential buildings is only one meter distance. Hazard: upstairs pull wire more let Mr. Liu feel anxious is, like these pop out of a small cottage like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is on the residents’ private wiring to power. Reporter walked around the building 24, found that nearly 10 of the electricity supply is built by the residents of the floor of the window to pull out the supply of electricity. These long lines of different thickness, hanging in the air, a gust of wind blowing, the wire in the air staggering. A wire and the longest, was pulled out of the 10 floor window. Near the ground floor of the 24 floor of the southwest corner of the building, as the child’s arm of the thickness of the water pipe out of the window from the bottom of the small bungalow directly to the water supply of the water, the water supply of the water, the water supply to the water supply. Analysis: cover money cottage rental reporter noted that many illegal housing are closed the door, the window also pulled the curtains. Mr. Liu told reporters that the living room is illegally built, some unlicensed vendors. "I saw a sell egg cake, pushing the car out of the room to sell illegally." Mr. Liu said, more and more illegal building after building now, in addition to the impact of the surrounding environment, but also to the fire safety of the building residents brought hidden trouble. "Nothing else, these illegal housing mostly color steel structures, thin steel plate with thick plastic foam, once caught fire, more dangerous!" (commissioning editor Qiao Xuefeng and Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: