High speed driving sleepy The following tips – tested automobile Sohu tataufo

High speed driving sleepy? The following tips – Sohu often drive car tested old driver should know, when a long drive, most easily sleepy. And the trouble usually appears in the following two points, one is noon, one is the night. Driving a car at high speed, it is really a god of death to knock on the door, entertaining weeks, there will be a big trouble. So drive a car, how to do it, I’ll teach you a few strokes, keep a spare. Song to sing, when you’re driving sleepy when one is singing. First open your car multimedia, choose a passionate song (avoid lullaby), then you can play. There is a need to remember to shut the windows, do not interfere with other drivers; the two is not dancing, moving the mouth on the line, not so serious, remember that you are still driving. Refreshing items, worth it when you feel a little sleepy, a bottle of Red Bull or already prepared coffee is also a good choice. The beverage is good, but do not drink too Oh (avoid driving at high speed frequency on the toilet). Or a red pepper to make you hot. Finally, areca, believe me, it will give you unexpected results. Open the window, the wind blow when driving sleepy, open the window, the wind blow, let the brain awake, it is an effective and convenient method. Spiritual guidance, and people to chat if there are other passengers in the car, then try to communicate with others when you are sleepy. Often people in a quiet environment is particularly easy to doze off, so chat with others, you can help you focus, it will not be too sleepy to open the eyes. Self Dafa, careful when you really sleepy, you can also try to twist their thighs or pulling your eyelids, pain is often able to ward off sleep, keep you awake. In case of emergency, it should adopt unconventional means, but not for himself too hard. Rest Area rest, safe and reliable the above recipe is only applicable to the old driver who experienced and novice do not use. Novice car, the original technology is not very good, the best way is to find a rest area, open to take a good rest, and then on the road. Look at the above six methods, which do you think is the most practical and most suitable for you? Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: