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High speed road stray dog jump out of 3 luxury car pileup before watching the news, the first to do the road driving test in highway driving, found a person or animal suddenly across the front, _____A. should take prompt emergency braking; B. quickly turned right to avoid C.; to take decisive measures to avoid loss; D. quickly turned to the left to avoid. Chongqing evening news the day before yesterday afternoon, the Shanghai Chengdu Expressway in Wanzhou, the same place two spate of accidents — the cause of the accident is actually from high-speed road wandering stray dogs, 3 car loss amounted to more than ten million, but fortunately no casualties. In October 28th, Lin driving a Subaru SUV from Fengjie road to Wanzhou Road, Shanghai Chengdu high-speed road through the Red Lion section, the middle of the road guardrail suddenly jump out of a stray dog. Lin hurry direction, coupled with slippery rain, the vehicle has hit the left and right guardrails and reinforced concrete bridge guardrail, finally stopped in the carriageway. The right front wheel of the vehicle falls off to the left lane during impact. Then, a driving Audi A6 car found in the middle of the road tires, determined to take the emergency brake, stop in the left lane. Zhou driving Mercedes Benz E class sedan followed, found in front of the vehicle brake lights also follow the emergency brake, but too close, only helplessly behind Audi car, causing the vehicle right headlight, water tank and other damage, the vehicle can not run. 3 cars were occupied by high speed road two lanes, traffic was interrupted. After the incident, several people immediately alarm for help, law enforcement officers to quickly control traffic. Law enforcement personnel, after the scene, but fortunately Subaru SUV finally hit is reinforced concrete guardrail, otherwise the vehicle is likely to fall into the right side of the slope, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. 3 drivers said, the most serious damage to Subaru, the estimated cost of repair of up to ten million yuan, Benz times, but also to repair tens of thousands of yuan, the Audi car light, but also thousands of yuan maintenance costs. High speed if we do animal crossing at the beginning of the article that the road driving test, has repeatedly appeared in the examination, the correct answer is C, that is to take decisive measures to avoid loss. Encounter pedestrians or other animals across the highway, for respect for life, why not emergency braking (i.e. A answer)? High speed law enforcement officers explained that ordinary drivers on the highway speed of not less than 80 kilometers per hour. This time meet sudden animal, even if your car is equipped with electronic stability control system, also should not hurry direction, to be the first point of the brake, speed down to 70 km an hour, to dodge. When the speed reached 70 kilometers or more, if a small animal suddenly jump out, it has been difficult to halt. The driver must know how high in speed and direction, not in the moment between the premise to determine the surrounding traffic safety, may hit the driver is helpless but perhaps the best way to deal with. Most drivers will subconsciously tight brakes or at the wheel, to avoid these foreign bodies, which is easy to cause the car out of control caused by the disaster. The protection of animals, after all, is based on human security. Law enforcement officers also said that the highway can not arbitrarily stop, if the animal carcasses found on the high way, unfortunately killed or injured animal, please don’t get off to clean up, you can choose alarm. If you bump into a larger size相关的主题文章: