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His wife threatened children remarried man took his son threatened the original title: father took his son to remarry husband wife threatened to take his son with a knife threatened the father-in-law of Wuhan evening news (reporter correspondent Wan Qin Zhang Jixuan Shi Jun) a young man in the service area of Jianli Expressway holding a kitchen knife attack, ready to cut, the object turned out to be his father. Yesterday, so aggressive behavior, it was caused by a family farce. In late November 25th 8, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau of Jianli Highway Police Corps brigade duty room received the alarm call, someone holding a kitchen knife ready to attack. Patrol police rushed to the scene, the man did not see the radical move, so after the control of the parties to understand the emotional situation. After inquiry that young man Liu and Zhao Moujun in Guangdong to work, through the network after the meeting, the feelings gradually warming, so cohabitation for many years. Two months ago, Zhao gave birth to a son, the last week of the two people just received a marriage certificate. Can get along with many years of two from the daily chores conflict deepened, Liu and Zhao wanted to divorce, referring to child rights, cannot reach an agreement, his wife Zhao claimed to be with his son to remarry. This is his wife’s angry words, the Liu was when the true, so the night with his children to drive back home in Hebei. Zhao Xianci, on the side of squeeze and Liu peers, side contact their father came home from Henan to negotiate together. The two sides in Suiyue high-speed service area of Jianli. The results because the father-in-law fierce, Liu took the car on a kitchen knife threatened his father-in-law. Police understand the situation, the parties separately, and patient persuasion, finally, the parties reach an agreement, a family farce end end. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: