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August Hongkong property market innovation capital to high school generous hunters office in the new territories of Hongkong Chen, two are not drawn to new projects Eic 1. Following the second quarter pick up, Hongkong’s property market has shown a recovery trend, such as Chen decided to buy more and more people. Dead Leung Ban’s data show that in the past July and in August the entire Hongkong residential turnover reached 13195 cases, of which the turnover of up to 7648 in August, to return to the beginning of the Hongkong property market in July 2015 before the decline. At the same time, property prices have rebounded strongly. According to DTZ data provided by the end of August, the Sha Tin area of small and medium real estate chain average last quarter rose 10.9%, such as the Sha Tin City average price of 132 thousand per square meter, up 15.8% compared with the lowest price in April this year. About the property market continued to rise, senior director of DTZ Hongkong district general manager Tao Ruhong of Tencent Finance said, mainly because the last quarter of the Hongkong property market pick up, bring to the market a lot of confidence. From the second quarter, the purchasing power of the property market in Hongkong gradually flow to a number of new developments, including the new territories Miss Chen fancy Eic one. More importantly, he believes that the impact of the economic environment, Hongkong continued low interest policy launched and consumer investment channels are not many, so that private capital flows to the real estate market spontaneously. At the same time, developers have also introduced a number of new real estate, while banks also provide more favorable mortgage interest, therefore, a variety of factors led to a new high in the property market in Hongkong. In terms of real estate investment in Hongkong, investors continue to look at the luxury and office buildings in Hongkong. According to DTZ’s data show that in the third quarter, more than HK $billions of dollars of transactions a total of 44 cases, the transaction amounted to HK $17 billion, including the mainland enterprises Xiang Qi group in July to HK $4 billion 500 million purchase of Hongkong One HarbourGate East Wing Hung Hom hom. Responsible for the research on investment market of the Hongkong property market executive director of Tencent DTZ leaf Jianjun Finance said, including Chen Hong day’s Xiang Qi group, Chinese tend to generous hunters office. An industry source said, although the central holding long Li Jiacheng’s 75% office not sold, and Li Jiacheng consortium but has five or six Chinese funded background approached. According to DTZ’s data show that although the third quarter of 44 transactions in China accounted for only 6%, but the turnover accounted for more than 34%. According to Ye Jianjun, Hong Kong to China in addition to the real estate business, more mainland insurance. (Tencent Hongkong news Luo Fei) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: