Hongkong to see a hundred years old grandmother moved to tears because of a word noreply

Hui Ruoqi visited Hongkong for a 100 year old grandmother words moved to tears Hui Ruoqi screenshot micro-blog Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 28th, the mainland elite Olympic delegation is visiting Hongkong, Hui Ruoqi and others dedicated to the nursing home to visit the centenarians, also received old handmade gifts. Conversation, a hundred years old Chinese women’s volleyball team is proud of their pride, and Hui Ruoqi also moved to tears. Originally, Hui Ruoqi today to go to home to visit the elderly, among them, there are 3 elderly people over a hundred years old, were 104 years old, 105 years old and 102 years old, Hui Ruoqi bluntly, when seeing the old man waved the flag was moved, and later, Hui Ruoqi also received a 100 year old pure handmade gift, and said will treasure. In addition, Hui Ruoqi also revealed that about one hundred years old China women’s volleyball team is very moving, the old women’s volleyball team is proud of their China bluntly. In this regard, Hui Ruoqi was very moved, he also moved to tears. See the photos, netizens are also moved: you can only be so hard to move so many people, but also interpretation and inheritance of the spirit of the women’s volleyball team! I also hope that I can work hard for their love and longing for something, like you, believe God helps those who help themselves. Like you, like the Chinese women’s volleyball team!" The Rio Olympic Games, Hui Ruoqi outstanding performance, especially in the playoffs, Hui Ruoqi after scoring at the critical moment, she is one of the major reasons for the women’s volleyball team China Rio Olympic Games win. In particular, the final with Serbia, Hui Ruoqi scored a winning point, after winning, Hui Ruoqi excited to cry on the field. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章: