Huang starred in the jungle law Su Yan was tanned ekdv-273

Listed in the law of the jungle "caused by yellow" makeup is dark yellow sun "column caused by the law of the jungle" in East Timor Sina entertainment news column by Huang in November last year starred in the SBS variety show "in Samoa" the law of the jungle, the back burner for a year he appeared again on the 4 day of the broadcast of the jungle "rule in East Timor" as a jungle experience, side to show the steady and calm, attracted a lot of attention. Huang was listed on board the plane to fly to East Timor after the recommendation of the members to use the mask to regenerate the skin, he also showed the plane to adapt to the local life side. In particular, in order to complete the task of personal survival, Huang also by virtue of the agility to climb the tree to pick the pomegranate and other people to find food, played as a hunter’s strength. After that night, Huang Zhi column also together with Zheng Junying with a harpoon to the sea to hunt, but due to sudden sea creatures and scared, even in a hurry to do fishgig broke some funny side and laughing. Huang Zhi column expressed "through second times of life in the jungle, I harvest the dark skin and two flippers. If you look at the program, you will find that I have become different skin every day. And, for the jungle life I also bought the flippers, but a home, a year ago to buy the flippers "," but still second times through the jungle life, I also experience new things in a short period of time, not only to understand the nature of the precious, is also very happy to see Wan Bing the leader and other members of the elite ", expressed in thoughts. In addition, Huang will be listed at 27 o’clock in the afternoon (South Korea time) in Seoul, the first time since the beginning of the peace Hall of the University of, held a solo fan meeting will cause UP!". BNT news feeds Wu Jingyi SBS "the law of the jungle" (screenshot map: commissioning editor Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: