Hunan, Linli a mentally ill person with a knife to kill the mother was forced to send medical care –

Hunan, Linli: a mentally ill knife to kill the mother was sent to compulsory medical society in Beijing in September 12, according to the Hunan court network news, recently, Linli County People’s Court concluded a Linli County People’s Procuratorate for compulsory medical case. The 42 year old respondent Gong Moumou with schizophrenia relapse knife killed nearly eight years old mother decided to compulsory medical treatment. The respondent Gong Moumou since 2011, diagnosed with mental illness after treatment still has repeatedly repeatedly, showed himself disorderly, suspect others, destructive. In March 25, 2016, Gong Moumou after onset at home because of a trivial and old mother Moumou altercation, was holding a knife toward the mother’s head and neck slashed the number of knives, resulting in Chen Moumou died on the spot. The forensic identification, the deceased Moumou department was used by others (such as sharp knife cut and cutting) repeatedly face and neck, resulting in the death of respiratory failure. After the incident, the judicial identification center, Gong Moumou was diagnosed with mild mental retardation, schizophrenia, endanger the behavior of non criminal responsibility. Recommended compulsory medical treatment. The court held that the respondent Gong Moumou in psychotic symptoms under the implementation of acts of violence, seriously endanger personal safety, mental patients are legal procedures identified by the Department shall not bear criminal responsibility, but may continue to harm society; and their parents have died, the youngest daughter, nor his brother effective monitoring, to comply with mandatory medical conditions, then according to the decision of the respondent Gong Moumou compulsory medical treatment. (Xiao Hong, Zongli commissioning editor: 8)相关的主题文章: