Hundreds of flowers, hundreds of mad pull anchor, Jingxi Bai Du – tourism Sohu k-boxing

Hundreds of flowers, hundreds of "mad pull anchor, Jingxi Tourism Sohu Bai Du" – thinking, big, big action, big gains from participating in the "welcome the first provincial tourism conference" cultural tourism "and the national flag transfer hundreds of beautiful countryside flowers anchor run back, I used the" four "to describe the activities of feeling. I didn’t think of Yixian County, Laishui, Laiyuan has three counties West Beijing Bai Du leisure resort "three counties can mobilize the power of the people to create such a hundred flowers; never thought the first tourism development conference in Hebei province will have so much magic, the economic structure can make three county with tour thinking to transform the three counties; but did not think the poor old revolutionary base areas, tourism around the precise poverty, changed a village appearance, let them find a new channel to get rich. Here is the dock, Jinpo Yishui lake, blue sky and green water, warm breeze. From the country’s more than and 30 provinces (autonomous regions), hundreds of anchors, radio and television station of Beijing Tianjin Hebei mainstream media, 220 cities and counties of the brigade from the conference and the Yixian County volunteers from all walks of life on behalf of a total of more than and 500 people gathered in the beautiful Lake yishui. "Welcome the first provincial tourism conference" civilized tourism "and the national flag transfer hundreds of beautiful countryside flowers anchor run" launching ceremony held here. The theme is "beautiful country · civilization first", sponsored by the Hebei Municipal People’s Government of Baoding, Hebei radio and TV station, Baoding City Tourism Bureau, Baoding municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, civilization office, Yixian County people’s government, Laishui County People’s government, Laiyuan County People’s government, Hebei radio and Television Broadcasting Co hosted a private car. 9:30, the official start of the event. Yixian County county Party Secretary Yang Yibao speech. Then, to read "activities on behalf of common declaration of civilized travel Convention", "civilized tourism" million signature ceremony (Yixian County station) to start; from Xinjiang radio and television anchor representatives, radio and television of Hebei Party Committee Wang Chengshu, Deputy Minister of Baoding Municipal Propaganda Department, municipal civilization office director Wang Shuyan, Yixian County mayor Liu Jie, Yixian County County Deputy Secretary of the Qing Xiling CMC director Han Zhaohong were the national 100 anchor delegation, Tianjin media delegation, volunteers on behalf of the conference of tourism group and Jingxi Bai Du scenic delegation ran the group on behalf of the flag. Baoding City Tourism Bureau Li Hongqiang speech, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Tourism Commission announced Zhao Xuefeng flowers run activities officially started. The ceremony was short and exciting, Yixian County national non material cultural heritage, put the word dragon show the whole show climax. But see, leading the dragons and dragon’s tail with flash turn maneuvers upside down, dizzying. When the Dragon put Peace reigns over the land. "And" Chinese dragon ", a scene boiling. Hebei private car 907 planning the organization of the major events, their invitation to the National Radio and television stations in addition to the provinces and cities in Tibet are represented. This is Sun Yu in the field through the mobile phone in the live event. After the ceremony flowers run activities officially started. The first day of the Yixian County station, hundreds of anchors, the media of people dressed in uniform clothing from the point of view of Yi an exquisite scenery lake, wander in acres of flowers, the.相关的主题文章: