Improper use of toothpicks can cause periodontal diseases to be properly used tamiflu

The use of toothpicks can be caused by improper tooth week disease how to correctly use the toothpick is necessary for some of the elderly, most of this part of the crowd teeth, need to pay special attention to use a toothpick. If the improper use will cause gingivitis, gingival atrophy, tooth gap increases due to periodontal disease. Beware of 4 toothpicks not harm 1, strict disinfection and mismanagement of toothpicks easy to cause bacteria and virus disease with various let people grab the toothpick through a toothpick into the body, according to the Department of health laboratory, a small toothpick was "hiding" with tens of thousands of bacteria. 2, is the improper use of toothpicks, will lead to periodontal disease if there is no chaos Tiya Seya phenomenon or toothpick causing gingivitis, gingival atrophy, tooth gap increases and the improper use will lead to periodontal disease, must not be forced into a toothpick nipple between the teeth, because it will have no gap teeth gap caused by the increase of periodontal disease. 3, hunting with toothpicks inadvertently may endanger life according to the oral hospital, consumers because of hunting with toothpicks accidentally swallowed the stomach, small intestine perforation, after surgery emergency surgery hospital was taken from the body, nearly lost his life, similar to patients with the hospital has treated two cases. 4, resulting in damage to the environment caused by the huge wooden toothpick timber consumption, production and use of toothpicks street after environmental pollution at the same time. So how to correctly use the toothpick toothpicks? (1) to select the hard texture, not easily broken, smooth surface, no burr and cross-section flat circular or triangular toothpick, it is best to buy commercially available product toothpicks, attention should be paid to paternity clean, do not use dirty sticks, wires, pins or matchsticks instead. (2) the best for the gap between teeth. The presence of a toothpick at an angle of 45 degrees toward the tip into bite the tooth surface, side edge contact gap in gum. Then use the toothpick along the side edge of the tooth surface scraping teeth, especially in the concave surface and root furcation sites available toothpick tip and side edge of scraping the tick, and the tooth surface polishing. If there is a food impaction to buccal and lingual fiber, needle movement, and then rinse out the food. (3) if the normal gingival papilla, only in the gingival sulcus with toothpick, toothpick must not be forced into the nipple between the teeth, because it will make the formation of gaps have no gap between the teeth, food easily impaction, and then a toothpick to tick, in the course of time, become a vicious cycle, increases between teeth, gums tit atrophy, resulting in periodontal disease and affect the appearance and function.

牙签使用不当可致牙周疾病 如何正确使用 牙签是一些中老年人的必备品,这部分人群大多牙齿间隙大,需要特别注意牙签的使用方法。如果使用不当就会造成牙龈炎、牙龈萎缩、牙间隙增大而导致牙周病。 牙签用不对 谨防4危害 1、是消毒不严、管理不善的牙签易引起疾病 任人抓取的牙签上附带的各种各样的细菌、病毒会通过牙签进入人体内,据卫生部门化验,一根小小的牙签上竟“藏”着几万个细菌。 2、是牙签使用不当,将导致牙周疾病 如果无塞牙现象而乱剔牙或牙签使用不当就会造成牙龈炎、牙龈萎缩、牙间隙增大而导致牙周疾病,切不可将牙签用力压入牙间乳头区,因为这样会使本来没有间隙的牙齿间隙增大造成牙周病。 3、叼含牙签不慎可能危及生命 据口腔医院介绍,有消费者因叼含牙签不小心吞进肚内,把小肠穿破,经医院紧急手术开刀才从体内取出,险些丢了性命,类似患者近期该院已收治两例。 4、对环境造成危害 木制牙签造成木材消耗巨大,同时牙签生产走街串巷和使用后也对环境造成污染。 牙签 那么如何正确使用牙签呢? (1)要选择质地较硬、不易折断、表面光滑、没有毛刺及横断面为扁圆形或三角形的牙签,最好是购买市售成品牙签,要注意保侍清洁,不要用不干净的小木棍、铁丝、大头针或火柴棍来代替。 (2)牙签最好用于牙间有空隙存在的情况下,牙签以45度角进入,尖朝向咬东西的牙面,侧缘接触于间隙的牙龈。然后用牙签的侧缘沿着牙面刮净牙面,特别是在凹的根面和牙根分叉的部位,可用牙签尖及侧缘刮剔,并可将牙面磨光。如果有食物纤维嵌塞,可做颊舌侧穿刺动作,将食物剔出,然后漱口。 (3)如果牙龈乳头正常,牙签只限于用在牙龈沟内,切不可将牙签用力压入牙间乳头区,因为这样会使本来没有间隙的牙齿间形成缝隙,食物更容易嵌塞,再用牙签去剔,久而久之,成为恶性循环,使牙间隙增大,牙龈乳头萎缩,既造成牙周病又影响美观和功能。相关的主题文章: