Interview with Zhao Wei has always loved pajamas wind didadi

Interview with Zhao Wei: always love pajamas wind Burberry2017 spring and summer series in London Fashion Week grand release, Zhao Wei wore a Burberry new series of gray green diamond lattice pattern silk coat collocation black cloak debut show, this is the third time she went to see the Burberry show. After the big show, Tencent fashion in the first interview with Zhao Wei. Tencent fashion: Hello, I would like to see the show what is the feeling? Zhao Wei: This is my third time to see the Burberry show, it always give me a different feeling, a writer that I also know the source of inspiration for designers to I love the novel as well as a horticultural artist, so I can feel a bit like watching this show in a very fresh in the garden, and the color of clothing styles, have a kind of this idyllic and thick nostalgic taste, and I see before there is a great difference. So I think this is a very fresh and romantic fashion show. Tencent fashion: is there any favorite item in this show? Zhao Wei: in fact, it has a lot of silk pajamas, ah feel clothes, because I always feel very comfortable pajamas have thought, would one day pajamas will become a popular single product. Then it seems this year will pop up, of course it also stressed that some will say is the collocation, collocation suits ah, like me Cape pajamas ah, there is a mix of feeling, so it will not seem too casual. Tencent fashion: you can say about today ‘s shape, give yourself a bit? Zhao Wei: I am still in line with the shape of the whole show, I feel very comfortable. There is no very tight clothes, there is no great pressure. I also wore a silk gown feeling outside a cloak. Tencent fashion: the first time to London, there is no favorite place? Zhao Wei: Oh, I’ve been to London for the first time. I like London, like the British museum. Because I think this place is the best in the world and the rich Museum, and many of them are free to the public, I think this is not especially for the people in London, people around the world have a good chance to see a lot of great art. Tencent fashion: do you have any plans to play or travel outside the museum? Zhao Wei: this time in a hurry. I just arrived yesterday, and I’m leaving tomorrow. But I think London is a beautiful city, I think the opportunity should be very much. Tencent: fashion than Burberry windbreaker, love dress more? Zhao Wei: I like it. Tencent fashion: for the first time at the Venice Film Festival as a review of any special feeling? Zhao Wei: it’s a very professional, very hard, very hard job. Tencent fashion: what interesting things happened during the festival? Zhao Wei: the funny thing is that very few in the shortest time, intensive time to see so many movies, often see more than twelve in the middle of the night. Tencent fashion: can you recommend a few movies? Zhao Wei: I think we can go to the award-winning film to see, are very interesting. Tencent fashion: the hearts of countless people as classic.相关的主题文章: