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Investment express] IT orange November 11th included 18 investment acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 LESS& MORE received 12 million yuan A round of financing LESS& MORE; how many men is a men’s clothing brand customization, aiming to provide the whole category of customized products for men, including suits, shirts, shoes, coats and other categories, in the high-end crowd positioning for 28-40 years. Beijing easy network technology Co., ltd.. Recently, LESS& MORE purple cattle fund to obtain 12 million yuan A round of financing. 2 IMAX received a $50 million strategic investment IMAX love Max is able to show more than traditional film and higher resolution film projection system, the entire system including the specification of IMAX film copy, sound system, projector, screen etc.. Recently, IMAX was $50 million strategic investment. 3 honey skin medical won millions of yuan A round of financing honey skin is an online medical health care services company, focused on providing skin health clinics, online health services, to help customers get the perfect skin. Recently, a number of ten million yuan A skin care medical financing, the investment side of heavy mountain capital. 4 fat bird decoration received 40 million yuan A round of financing fatbird decoration is a decoration of the Internet platform, is committed to provide users with a fair, every sale, design and construction, decoration, decoration and a series of school quiz services industry project. Recently, fat bird decoration was 40 million yuan A round of financing, investors, including the Qingdao joint Yu Klc Holdings Ltd, Qingdao sea silver Venture Capital Co., Ltd., angel investment, fat bird company’s core management set. The innovation of science and technology science and technology 5 board listed public record is a business services company, the space as community activities, marketing line port, so as to provide financial resources, docking, and other derivative value-added services for entrepreneurs to provide multi-level financial services. Recently, science and technology innovation three board listing. 6 freaky TV received millions of dollars in Angel round of financing is one of the hot mom TV birth, female related video content to do a comprehensive integration of program production and broadcast + on demand company, belonging to the Beijing freaky online technology co.. Recently, the hot mom TV millions of dollars Angel round of financing, investors for the star Tong Dawei couple, Mr. and Mrs. Guan Yue. Event – 1 Hired $30 million C round of financing Hired was founded in 2012, is a major technology and start-up companies to provide recruitment services website. Recently, Hired was $30 million C round of financing, the investor is Glenmede Trust. 2 PillDrill $3 million Angel round of financing Pi相关的主题文章: