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Ji’nan, a district picked up 100 thousand cash in the past 4 days is still unclaimed – Qilu Qilu Evening News lost so much money how no one to find it?" September 14th is the mid autumn festival day at 10 pm, who lives in Ji’nan City, ten Road Metro celebrities Mr. Li, in the district where the famous primary school gate picked up a paper box, opened it, it turned out to be one hundred thousand yuan in cash and a few bottles of red wine. After the alarm, Lee handed the money and wine to the police station. However, until the 18 day, 4 days later, still not the owner came to claim. Pick up a large number of people at the entrance to the police station where the police picked up the money. Reporter Qi Yunlei photo according to Mr. Lee introduced the evening of 14 about 10:20, he was ready to go out to do something, when passing through the area in the famous primary school gate, sharp eyed he suddenly found the road north on the side of the road with a paper box. "Ordinary paper box, there are no signs on the outside, it is transparent adhesive tape." Mr Li said he thought somebody was stopped after a temporary things in there, not too much. At 11:30 in the evening, when Lee just passing back at the gate of the primary school, he found that the box was still in place. Primary school at the entrance of the parking spaces on both sides of the road, but Lee did not see what people in the vicinity, considering the time so late, he felt that someone accidentally put the box fell here, he decided to take the box to go home, second days to find the owner. 15 am, out of curiosity, Lee opened the box and found that there are 4 bottles of red wine and a box shaped objects. "I just started to think that it is Pu’er tea, very heavy, but it turned out to be found inside the money, a full 100 thousand yuan in cash." Mr. Li said, he was afraid of losing money, the owner anxious, quickly called the police, and put the money and sent to the police station Yao wine. No one took so much money by "gifts" guess 18 afternoon, the reporter visited the district famous celebrities heights primary school nearby, but residents said never heard of anyone missing money, no roadside lost etc.. They said the security gate primary school, their general duty to more than 6 in the evening, he did not know that night. These days is not heard of anyone who lost money, no one came. Lost 100 thousand yuan in cash but unclaimed, in the vicinity of a residential security guards are also very puzzled. He told reporters, these days only one resident to find the missing wallet and keys, and no money for more than 100 thousand. "Just a day before the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, if the money is a gift, may not be too embarrassed to receive." The security guard said. Lee said, 18, he went to the police station to ask about the progress of the matter, the police have been told that no one went to claim. "This is probably which unit to send Mid Autumn Festival bonus, the other lost so much money must be very anxious, I hope the police to find the owner." Mr. Li said. 18 PM, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau under the calendar, the public things picked up 100 thousand yuan of cash is true, but the money was sent to the police station, the owner has not come to claim. It is understood that the police.相关的主题文章: