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Jubilee Pavilion | science "a silly pregnancy three years", is "tired" out of the Sohu for maternal mothers or after the production of the mother, often heard such a silly laugh: "pregnant for three years". In fact, what is said here, pregnant stupid, there is no scientific basis in medicine. This "stupid" is not the intellectual decline, brain function degradation, there is no real organic pathological changes, may be more psychological factors, which lead to psychological factors in understanding loss, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, etc.. Pregnancy is the so-called "silly", the main and lack of sleep time, quality decline, the focus of life as well as the transfer of psychological implication. Pregnancy and childbirth is a major event, the life experience of pregnancy, some mothers will be nervous, physical and mental and emotional aspects of some inevitable change; after the baby is born, new mothers work disrupted, unable to sleep, day and night, every day can not get enough rest, in long-term tension fatigue. Postpartum mothers to breastfeed, take care of the baby’s daily life, resulting in a serious impact on the quality of sleep. The need to deal with a variety of household chores and recovery of anxiety, etc., but also often make mothers feel tired fatigue, lack of ability, memory and reaction ability will be affected. And with the baby, the mother will focus on the child, the baby’s attention more, will ignore some things around. Some new mothers, the original household chores to play not to face alone, will feel awkward and not accustomed to. To strengthen the social influence and customs spread, others suggest, that new mothers to their default "stupid" prophecy, some small changes will be exaggerated. — how to deal with the silly pregnancy to ensure adequate sleep, lack of sleep is the result of "one of the important reasons for pregnancy silly", improve sleep helps to alleviate the mood, will add strength to temporary memory loss significantly improve results. Production task list or notes, the so-called good forget it, to do something every day to record and finished just a hook; unfinished remind yourself, recorded at any time will do, so you can avoid missing. Expectant father to actively guide the mother to maintain a good mood, as much as possible to reduce pressure. Secondly, after the baby is born, treasure dad and other family members should take the initiative to undertake more housework, new mothers to ensure the normal work and rest time. New mothers can usually write more diaries, notes and other recipes to exercise their thinking ability. Jubilee Pavilion reminder according to clinical observation, this "stupid" about 4 months to 1 years, some mothers appear quickly, some late, some do not appear, which have a great relationship with the mother of individual, so there is no need to worry about new mothers.相关的主题文章: