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Kindergarten crying may suffer from separation anxiety, love kindergarten program, just on the nursery children crying more than. Star River kindergarten teacher to play with the children. The kid is comforting the crying little friend. Nanjing pediatric specialist Lairong lectures, parents come to the school-age children’s psychological adjustment to the "September school season, many children enter kindergarten, this is the first time they leave their parents and leave the family to a strange environment to live. Many preschool children, the first step into the kindergarten door, and parents because of temporary separation and feel nervous, scared, which is actually the performance of separation anxiety. If you are going to send your child to kindergarten, or the child is going to kindergarten, then please look at this article, will be harvested. One week baby crying to kindergarten Mr. Yang’s daughter in September this year to enter the high tech Zone (micro-blog) the new kindergarten small classes, one week later, Mr. Yang found his daughter did not love school. "Over the past week, she said she didn’t want to go to school every day." Mr. Yang said, especially in school third days in the morning performance is particularly prominent, the daughter of a quarrel not to go to school, while the eyes have not been independent blink. Mr. Yang some helpless, kindergarten is sure to read, but the child’s performance so that he did not know how to do. Not only Mr. Yang encountered such a problem, Ms. Wang’s son Lele (a pseudonym) more serious problem. Happy 2 years old when he entered the managed class, at first is not crying, after several mother shouted, Lele kindergarten didn’t cry, but before the lively Lele also many silence. "He loves to laugh, and now he likes to play alone in kindergarten, the teacher let him participate in collective activities, he often uncomfortable. I’m really worried about him becoming an autistic child." Ms. Wang said with regret. The principal weapon parents guide is very important "actually this kind of problem is widespread." From the Star River has 18 years of experience in kindergarten, children’s education director Mao Yanyan said, separation anxiety is healthy every healthy children, friends basically every year a new admission will be more or less, or light or heavy separation of performance anxiety. Some children will cry, some will have one or two days to show reluctance to kindergarten mood." Mao’s director said, this is a normal process, need parents and teachers together to help children through this period of emotional discomfort. Mao Yuan long, first of all, you can let the children early childhood training before admission, cultivate children with Buddy together play, share, can help children improve their ability to adapt. Secondly, the kindergarten teacher should be enough trust, do not look at the child halfway, which is not easy to calm down the mood of the child is the two injury". In addition, parents can learn a little more educational methods, do not say like you do not behave, do not come to you, threatening words, let the children feel that there is hope in kindergarten. If the child appears extreme aversion to kindergarten, so parents should try to avoid talking with children in kindergarten topic, don’t always ask him "the kindergarten fun" teacher to be good to you. "" the kids play with you well "this kind of problem, will only increase the child does not like Qian相关的主题文章: