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Kinmen Island down: after the lake beach drunk beautiful dawn – Sohu tour last weekend to participate in "Kinmen Island land amok riding, 5 in the morning to the lake beach, but the fog is too heavy, until the sun climbed up, only to see the sun. Scale cloud, cloud, pretty dire….. In the Golden Gate depth tour, rent a car rental in Jinfeng Electric cars really can make people want the Kinmen Island like a butterfly shape, North Bay is the main beach, beach mainly concentrated in the south facing the Strait of Taiwan Bay, after several lake beach the beach together form the miles of coastline. Is the East Sea, the boundless plain beach seem monotonous, with the help of Mazu goddess Lake Waterfront Park is a good choice in the water off the beach lifeguard station is also pretty good prospects facing the sun, is located in the southwest coast of Kinmen, with long coastline and white sand and famous Golden gate. On the beach of public facilities for swimming, the season right also can see adults and children here to dig the clam, crab. Every summer, the Lake Waterfront Park will be held and the festival activities such as music season. The tunnel type howitzer positions, which also holds a eight inch howitzer, very secretive. A tunnel howitzer room, Zhongshan room and so on the remains of the year show the war left outside the pit, more artillery display area, a total of four artillery fort. The biggest feature is the performance of the gun, is the only one in Taiwan, a lot of people will come here to watch the performance of the artillery. Look at a gun show, once again feel the shock of the war scene. Jincheng Taiwan Kinmen County? After the lake and tour scenic spots will be the distance – Juguang floor: about 0.9 kilometers; head of settlements: about 1.9 kilometers; Kim elementary: about 2.1 km. With the distance – Qing Bing town near the Golden Gate department other attractions: about 1.7 kilometers; all the island: about 2 km.相关的主题文章: