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Kurdish militants and Turkey reached a temporary ceasefire in Syria north of Xinhua news agency in Damascus on August 30, (reporter Yang Zhen Che Hongliang) by the Kurdish led "Syria democratic army" said in a statement 30, the organization and the Turkey army reached a temporary cease-fire agreement in northern syria. The statement said that the interim ceasefire agreement was reached in the United States led the fight against extremist groups, the Islamic state, the international alliance to achieve the purpose of avoiding more innocent civilian casualties. The statement said that the ceasefire does not mean that the Syria democratic army to accept the occupation of northern Turkey, the town of Gela Bo Ruth. Syria democratic army, an officer on the phone to the Xinhua News Agency reporters confirmed that the ceasefire agreement from midnight local time 29, Gela Bo Ruth and other places began to implement. 24, 2009, the Turkey army launched code named "shield" of the military action, the border into Gela Bo Ruth, to combat the northern Syrian Islamic state and Kurdish armed targets. In this regard, the Syrian government to strongly condemn it as a flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty. Syria observers believe that the primary purpose is not Turkey’s cross-border military operations against the Islamic state, but worried that the Kurdish militants in northern Syria from the Islamic state in the hands of Manchester City after the season to recover than to further expand its sphere of influence in Syria border. (end)相关的主题文章: