Le Pro 3 will be released in September 21st or with 5000mAh large battery (video) x3210

Le Pro 3 will be released in September 21st or 5000mAh large battery Tencent digital news (blue) after the official micro-blog Bunny once disclosed news that LETV new machine will be named Le Pro 3, equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor with 6GB of memory, and security Bunny run of results is as high as 163546 points. And now, as the official has released posters that will be held in Beijing in September 21st the theme of "ecological edge, no ship does not destroy the" new conference, officially launched its new flagship Le Pro 3. Alipay will charge 20 thousand of the amount of free music Pro 3 will be issued first Xiaolong 8219 month 21 days previously released music as mobile president @ Feng Xing used Le Pro 3 released a micro-blog, the first exposure of this LETV new flagship proofs, not only shows the situation in the large light contrast machine, still can get enough details, but also seems to imply that Le Pro 3 or will soon come. And now, it has been officially released as the official invitation letter, announced a new conference held in Beijing in September 21st, the theme is "ecological edge, no ship is not destroyed". At the same time @ Feng Xing also announced at micro-blog, confirmed 3 Le Pro in September 21st will be held in the new conference on "heavy mountain", so that the machine will be equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor case, or will become the first domestic market Xiaolong 821 models. Equipped with 6GB memory as Le Pro 3 main specifications configuration, according to Ann Bunny previously published information display, the machine is not only equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, memory combination RAM+64GB ROM but also have 6GB, loaded with 8 million pixel front camera and a 16 million pixel camera, the bunny ran up to 163546 points points, even more than the music 2S PRO had a score of 157897. However, because the Bunny has not released Le PRO 3 mobile phone models, so it was speculated that the aircraft may be prior to the Le 2S PRO, and in the official release time was renamed Le PRO 3. Although according to the previously leaked information display, type Le X720 Le 2S Pro is equipped with 4GB of memory, but the security Bunny exposure may also be the high version. Or with 5000mAh battery of course, another possibility is le Pro 3 will be a completely new aircraft will be better in the hardware configuration, LETV, as the second half of the flagship product launch, and then launch 2S and 2S Pro together with music. At the same time, according to @ Feng Xing earlier on micro-blog’s argument: (Music) upcoming flagship, so that the ultimate feeling of ID borderless upgrade again, not only to see, but also touch the". Seems to mean that the music Pro 3 in the borderless design and a new breakthrough. In addition, there is news that Le PRO 3 although the body thickness of only 7 mm, but it will be equipped with large capacity 5000 MAH battery with 24W fast charging function, so the super large capacity battery life performance brings, is also expected to be this.相关的主题文章: