Man stabbed in the campus of the University, the person who loves most hypersnap-dx

The university campus man stabbed "love people" – Beijing reporter trainee reporter Li Shuai yesterday morning 9 am, located in Longhu town of Xinzheng City, Zhongyuan University of Technology campus, the school girl was stabbed in the ground. Fortunately, the man was injured in the past students and campus canteen staff in a timely manner. Subsequently, the 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene of the injured girl. Currently, the injured girls have been completed surgery, still in the hospital intensive care unit for further observation and treatment. Dahe reporters arrived, the scene is still in a state of siege, two police are on-site investigation. According to the school, a junior student claiming to know told reporters that the injured girl is a freshman. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the injured girl wearing slippers to the campus of the bathhouse, and the man in the bathhouse beside the path to meet, the two conflict because of emotional problems, the man casually took out a fruit knife to carry on the body, neck and stabbed the girl. "At that time, the man was taken away by the police, I heard him shouting, ‘let me see her again, she is my favorite person" The insider said. As for whether wounding the man is the school student, reporters at the scene to verify the number of informed students, but the school is still uncertain; according to another student said, according to he heard, wounding the man is not their school students, but students from other schools nearby. 4 pm yesterday, the reporter learned in Henan Province, the people’s Hospital of the second, the injured girl’s eyes have been opened, but it is still in a state of anesthesia, can not speak. Subsequently, the injured girl was pushed to the intensive care unit of the hospital staff to do further observation treatment. O’clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau on the matter was informed that, at present, the case is under further investigation in 5.相关的主题文章: