Media said the world’s largest transport aircraft safety 225 officially married into China

Media said the world’s largest transport aircraft safety 225 officially married Chinese data figure: Ann 225 is the world’s largest transport aircraft, produced by the former Soviet union. At present, only one of the world’s 225 production safety operation. The search for a suspected "Chinese airspace industry group" website "has hit Kaiyuan Title: the world’s largest transport A-225 married Chinese (SIC) in August 30th, China airspace industry group and Ukraine Antonov state-owned enterprises reached consensus on both sides of the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, currently the world’s largest transport safety Chinese signed officially settled in 225 the cooperation agreement. After the signing of the agreement, China Airspace group will get A-225 (so the original, for the convenience of users to read the text after the replacement of all the security 225 – editor’s note), including the engine, including all technical, drawings and property rights. China airspace industry group were also signed with the Luzhou municipal government and Sichuan municipal government of Guangxi Guigang cooperation agreement, both sides will be in the construction of Luzhou and Guigang 225 aircraft production base. China airspace Industry Group CEO Zhang Yousheng said that the completion of the production base will be comprehensive base for the world’s only the largest and most complete package, the most cutting-edge technology, but also the world’s super large aircraft manufacturing enterprise. It is understood that the safety of 225 transport aircraft carrying the world’s largest transport aircraft, owned by Ukraine. Soviet Antonov Design Bureau developed as a transportation equipment uses the Soviet space program, the 225 conveyor can transport super large goods, the design of the maximum load can reach 300 tons, maximum endurance of 13000 kilometers, the maximum load of 161 tons of large transport aircraft than the United states. At present, only 1 transport aircraft in the flight of the 225, the cooperation will bring it back to life. China airspace group Southwest International Aviation Logistics Construction Command commander pan Xiaojun said, the first domestic 225 fastest in the first half of 2019 off the assembly line, the production base of the 225 machine will be used to meet the most China airspace industry group international aviation logistics industry needs, but does not rule out the possible export program in accordance with the market. China hi tech Industrial Development Zone Association chairman Zhang Jingan said, although the 225 design time is relatively long, some technologies need to upgrade, but the technology will enhance the overall introduction of Chinese aviation manufacturing industry level, to promote the development of national independent industry will play a positive role in promoting. Tencent military forwarded the article is only to convey more information, does not mean that the network agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.相关的主题文章: