More and more, Bezos released a new rocket – type giant blue technology Sohu christie stevens

More and more, Bezos released a new rocket – type giant blue Sohu American private space flight technology start-up company (Blue Origin), blue has recently released a new rocket — "new Glen (New Glenn)" rocket, is by far the largest. This will be Geoff · part Bezos space travel plan. Of course, the new Glen is also recyclable. This month, space travel has become hot, and several space technology companies are a little busy. The first is the SpaceX company to launch a rocket accident, and the Milky Way Virgin (Virgin Galactic), the "space ship two" (Space ShipTwo) the first flight, this is the Milky Way virgin company following the 2014 two launch spacecraft launch accident after the first attempt. Today, science and technology also has a new pattern of blue, following the "new Shepard" (New Shepard) successful rocket launch and recovery, Bezos announced a giant rocket — the development of their new "new to the world of Glen (New Glenn)". No kidding, really big. "Our goal is to star the sea, and we hope to make tens of thousands of people work and live in space, and the new Glen is a strategic step." Bezos wrote in his speech. The new Glen rocket is a general term for a rocket, which has a two stage rocket and a class three rocket equipped with a BE-4 engine. The total thrust of these rockets will be up to about 1600 tons, while the rocket is even more than the level of the rocket and the Saturn 5 rocket, the latter will be successful in carrying astronauts to the moon landing on the Appollo spacecraft to the moon to go up to the moon. In fact, Saturn 5 is still the largest ever used in human history, the largest carrier rocket, up to 110.6 meters, the take-off weight of 3038 tons, with a total thrust of about 3400 tons, can be described as an inch long. Space travel? Witness his competitors and, Bezos is eager to put their company to the leading position of space travel kangdixin contest. Blue companies believe in "slow" and "Stability Overwhelming speed", which from their mascot "Tortoise" will be able to see the company more is to step into the "fierce" Latin "GradatimFerociter" as the company motto. Bezos has his own views on this: "in the long run, the deliberate and is the key to win everything in good order and well arranged time, the fastest way to do is step by step, step by step." Obviously, the new Glen series rocket closely follow this motto, its R & D cycle takes 4 years, and at the same time began to develop a series of rockets has long been heaven. The new Glen rocket, like its predecessors, was able to fly back to the ground for a soft landing after its first rocket was launched into space. And the use of rocket technology will significantly reduce the cost of space travel. The company seems to have been in the zoom trick Blue Note相关的主题文章: