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Mother and son thought in dating partner corridor bad shindy – Beijing Hu Wei (a pseudonym) in the corridor found his mother was a man hug kiss, that bad experience, is to catch a cuff and kick, causing minor injuries two results. Kiss behind, hidden in the mother Zhao Hui (a pseudonym) a shy about showing people the secrets. 20 years ago, just married Gansu woman Zhao Hui to follow her husband to do business in Yinchuan. Second years, the son of Hu Wei was born, but it did not give the couple two people bring much happy, because the two different business concept, a homely food. Zhao Huixiang start from selling fruits and vegetables, the accumulation of capital to be ripe to expand the scale of the company, and her husband wanted to be the boss, look not on hawker life. Since there has been no agreement, resulting in the relationship between husband and wife. Because Zhao Hui read and young son, and her husband maintained a dubious marriage status. In an instant, his son Hu Wei grew up in the city, a district to work as a security guard, Zhao Hui couple Each one minds his own business., a stall selling vegetables in the vegetable market, a watch company. Because her husband often does not go home for a long time, Zhao Hui lived a bit lonely pastime with jump square dance style. During this time, she met joe. After the divorce with his ex-wife, Joe has not remarried, when a restaurant in Xingqing District cleaners. Two people from the strange to the familiar, to talk Similarly afflicted people pity each other. better relationships. Joe learned that Zhao Hui’s situation after the initiation of the idea of her partner. At the beginning, Zhao Hui was the five mixed, then half promised. Since then, two people had to dance in the name of solidarity in the square near the date. July 23rd more than 10 points in the evening, when Zhao Hui sent back to the rental office, just in case of the son of Hu Wei, home to go home, and then go home. See the mother was not at home, Hu Wei some worry, go out looking for, saw a man and a woman kissing in the corridor, in the light irradiation, Hu Wei was found holding his mother. Hu Wei mistakenly thought that the mother was not measured, then angrily rushed up, grabbed Qiaomou collar on the cuff and kick. Zhao Hui took the opportunity to sneak home, hand himself by his son caught ashamed, on the one hand and don’t know how to explain to his son. Speechless and two people overnight, Qiaomou injured for a long time lying in the corridor, it was found that a tenant rushed to hospital, at the same time. The police in the hospital will be a clear understanding of things, Hu Wei will be arrested. After diagnosis, Joe a injury: the external skull fracture, stricken and systemic multiple soft tissue injury, damage to two minor injuries. Upon trial, Hu Wei truthfully confessed his crime facts. Yesterday, Hu Wei was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury Xingqing District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. Newspaper reporter Tian Xin相关的主题文章: