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Music, as the 919 Festival sales target to break 4 billion? Sohu – Science and technology as the 919 fans Festival electricity supplier as the electricity supplier industry third business day, what is the expected sales target this year? What will be brought to the shock of the welfare policy for the fans? August 30th, LETV mystery to the global fans at the Beijing headquarters building LETV LETV ecological flagship store, announced the investment of $800 million in global sales target feedback fans, the impact of 4 billion yuan, a trench to create the most in the history of business day, and global fans to share ecological world. President Zhang Zhiwei said LETV O2O sales platform for "strategic cooperation" 919 fans and music video and electricity supplier of Jiangsu TV media communication conference on the theme, September 19th — 00:00 24:00, music as a super TV, super, super bike, mobile phone network network the whole ecological products will be all channels (lemall, LETV mall network network, Jingdong, Tmall, Gome, China Merchants Bank, etc.) all day long spot open to buy. The 919 fans Festival, will also start at the same time in the United States, India, Russia, Hongkong and the mainland Chinese. User value first, the social value of second, the value of the enterprise is the core value of music as ecology third. In order to let the world fans experience real valued and wrapped by love feeling, the music in "fans of 919 electricity supplier festival with" hardware free mode, send members to buy hardware ", and prepared a lot of stars involved in the" 919 ecological carnival night party in the evening of 919 fans business section, thank the fans they have been on the music of love and never abandon. It is reported that from September 1st to September 19th, as music mall (lemall) also prepared a number of spike buying activities. Among them, the user involved in music as the mall to play the game, you can win a hundred million coupons, 10 million Red Star executives prepared. Users pay the deposit 50 yuan to 100 yuan in the 919 day; it is worth mentioning that the mall is also preparing a seckill activity for the user, as long as you can get super quick, mobile phone, with the price of 9.19 yuan super tv. It is understood that the 919 party will be fans of electricity supplier Festival on the evening of 19 at 9:19, and at the end of 00:19. The party hosted by Jiangsu satellite TV, Jolin and Hua Chenyu will attend the 919 domestic first-line star fans carnival night, the entire evening in Jiangsu television, music video live broadcast. The party scene, the scene music will also launched several rounds of major efforts to shake the red activity, in front of the TV and watch the scene let users have the opportunity to get LETV send vouchers and red envelopes. In addition, users can also use the side to see the way through the super TV, super mobile live channel to watch, to participate in the activities of the 919 mall. Conference, LETV also announced the launch of a "copyright protection sword action" in 12 strong events. The music group director Liu Xiaoqing said, in 12 strong events have been incorporated into the national administrative authorities focus the scope of protection; the music as sports has commissioned a number of professional technical team and the legal team in the tournament during 7*24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring all kinds of torts and.相关的主题文章: