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New kinetic energy come from – Sohu news in the first three quarters, China’s GDP growth of 6.7%, CPI rose by 2%, imports and exports continue to maintain a surplus. 6.7% behind, is a good pattern of China’s economy – the economy steady situation continues to maintain stable foundation to strengthen. The first three quarters of the economic data from a number of provinces have been released recently, whether it is a good pattern, or steady trend, are closely related to the new economy, new formats, new kinetic energy. This year, China’s economic development which positive factors are gathering? Economic growth of the new momentum and come from? 1, the "double" growth: new trends show new vitality [] "this case is 3D print a China chess, through our cloud manufacturing platform, can make the design and creation of customers not only remain in the 3D world, but can the rapid reduction in reality." Sponsored by the Ministry of industry on 2016 before the "creating Chinese" innovation and entrepreneurship contest, No. one thousand and one Nanjing Automation Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Li Huoding told reporters, according to the different demand they provide personalized solutions, making easier, "according to the current growth rate, is expected next year, the annual income of up to 50 million to 100 million yuan". Chong passenger platform gathered a lot of innovative elements, innovation and transformation of SMEs has a great role in promoting." The Ministry of Information Center Director Sun Yumin said that the future will be through innovation, personnel training and other aspects to support the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, to create a "double" ecological chain. In fact, "the creation Chinese" is not only a microcosm of the public business, innovation ", also is the new energy economy of our country has a true portrayal of growth. Registration data from the enterprise point of view, the creation of a growing customer base, so that the region’s new business, the new economy presents a booming trend. National Bureau of statistics data show that the first three quarters of the country’s newly registered enterprises of 4 million 10 thousand, an increase of 27%, the average daily new registered enterprises of 14 thousand and 600, significantly higher than the previous two years. In terms of the situation, many provinces and cities are showing a new high-tech enterprises, market demand is good trend. For example, the first three quarters, Tianjin city identified 1280 high-tech enterprises, the new high-tech enterprises 1.2, a total of 8.5 million; Henan all kinds of newly registered enterprises increased by 28.3%, the average daily increase of 663, 1 to August the province’s domestic invention patents 5509, 126 more than last year, an increase of 62.6%; Hebei small and medium-sized enterprises from 2013 8900 to the current 3.8, turned two, "little giant enterprises reached 1655, an average annual growth of more than 80%. See the conversion from the kinetic energy, the innovation boom of new economy and new energy is growing, the traditional energy adjustment, transformation and upgrading, continue to optimize the industrial structure, play a crucial role in the steady growth of the economy. The first three quarters of this year, Shanghai strategic emerging industries manufacturing output value of 598 billion 942 million yuan, an increase of over the same period last year, 2.2%相关的主题文章: