North Burma renewed conflict enter the number of refugees within the territory of Chinese increasing adobe gamma

North Burma renewed conflict: enter the number of refugees within the territory of Chinese increasing – Sohu news map: site map positions North Burma local ethnic militants and government forces in armed conflict: position site map north Burma local ethnic militants and government forces in armed conflict: North Burma local ethnic armed forces and government forces occurred the position of the scene of armed conflict [Global Times reporter Guo Yuandan] according to the relevant media reports, the armed conflict broke out again in northern Burma, stray bullets in my territory, a large number of refugees into China Burma border news. 20 at noon, people familiar with the situation to the "Global Times" reporter confirmed that indeed stray into my territory, I entered the territory of the increase in the number of. CCTV news client news, November 20th morning, North Burma mongkoe, great game, 105 yards, Muse county area and more armed conflict. Local time on November 20th at 2:40 PM, bold, Deang, if combined with four troops and the Kachin armed camp for nearly ten mixed Burmese army in the area of ancient Meng Meng Gu, suburban baseball games, Peng line, Muse and so many points point dayuan. The Burma Army 99 division and the 6 brigade fighting broke out, ending at 8 in the morning, the battle has not stopped, Chinese Wanding and other people can clearly hear the sound of the guns. Early in the morning, the Burma Army support route has been cut off by the Allied forces, due to the lack of logistical support of the Burma Army to shrink to a strong defense stronghold dying resistance. At present, the allies and coalition forces have occupied the important position of the military, and has built fortifications, the Burma Army is stationed to launch a new round of attacks. Up to now, the battle is still in progress. Fierce fighting, according to the military officers involved in the battle, the war has just begun, more intense fighting is still behind. Reported that the "conflict in the great northern Burma mongkoe race in the vicinity, there are stray bombs Chinese, water tank solar water heater with the residents hit by a stray bullet." At noon on November 20th, in the China Burma border related sources told the "Global Times" reporter said, there is a stray bullet into my territory. According to reports, there are more than 80 people into Wanding morning were all housed. At present, the number of refugees into China is still increasing, the relevant agencies in the proper disposal. The local Dangzhengjunjing force today morning in the disposal line to take measures to safeguard the normal production and living order of border. NPC and CPPCC during 2015, the Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Li Jiheng said, Burma has more than 60 thousand people since the Kokang, Burma border in order to avoid the war through the Yunnan province Lincang border into China. Based on the spirit of humanitarianism, the Burmese border immigration Lincang temporary settlements total placement of 14 thousand passengers and provide medical assistance such as drinking water. February 2015 Burma Kokang armed conflict, causing a serious threat to the Lincang section of China Myanmar border security and stability, there have been several stray into my territory. The afternoon of March 13, 2015, the Burma military bombs fall into the flood of Mulberry Village Gengma County, Lincang Prefecture Meng, caused 5 civilians were killed and 8 injured. After the incident, the joint investigation carried out in Burma, Myanmar agree "survey results Burma military bomb caused China border casualties". The president of Burma also sent a special envoy to China, on behalf of.相关的主题文章: