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Observation of China Telecom G20 communications security (1): do ten thousand   stop loss — people.com.cn communication channel – China Telecom people.com.cn communication vehicle in G20 event. In September 5th, the G20 summit was closed in the West Lake in Hangzhou, as the event communications guarantee task group of China Telecom, after the letters poured in. As for the first time to assume such a major communications guarantee task of the Zhejiang company, with no danger of anything going wrong "faith to produce a satisfactory answer, which worth paying in mind, the experience is worth summarizing. August 31st, from the opening of the G20 summit at 4 days, Hangzhou Telecom building door waiting to enter the people lined up. From the beginning of August 20th, all visitors are required to enter the door to verify the identity of the strict, by the employees of the Hangzhou branch signed to confirm the entry. Enter the important communications facilities where the building, the identity verification is also carried out once. This is the highest level of security measures to ensure the smooth operation of the communication facilities during the protection of the G20 company in Zhejiang, is the first level of protection of foreign personnel in Hangzhou Telecom Building felt. In fact, Zhejiang has done more than that. So for such a major event security, a telecommunications industry experts told reporters, generally speaking, are not prone to problems at the technical level, but experience problems. China Telecom in the previous major events in the communications security has never been absent, has accumulated a wealth of experience. Therefore, from the beginning in the preparations for the summit, and actively improve the technology programs at the same time, Zhejiang companies do most is from the concept of attention, comprehensive reference of the whole group shigeyasu experience analysis, according to local conditions, and strive to perfect. "Think of all possible circumstances, the prevention and response measures and programs to do the whole, do not stay dead, leaving no blind spots." Han Zhencong, general manager of Zhejiang has repeatedly stressed this point. To this end, Zhejiang has developed various types of security programs 227, combing the network, business, security, comprehensive and other 4 categories of a total of 117 task list, the organization of the actual combat exercises about 160. According to the characteristics of the scattered, China Telecom set up group, provincial and municipal joint command, while the establishment of network security center in 7 major centers, set up a command center in the 15 business units, and in the main venue of the G20 B20, the main venue, four venues association field, cultural activities set up on-site security group, according to an important customer the nearest distribution set up 15 regional support group, in 69 important places to arrange engineers 24 hours on duty. For key areas, key networks and platforms, key business and key customers, Zhejiang companies are targeted to develop and implement safeguards. To ensure that "no danger of anything going wrong", the China Telecom adhere selves, the implementation of inventory management, levels of responsibility, to ensure that each work was arrested, someone, someone at; while strengthening cooperation, leading front command, the linkage collaborative professional line, at all levels of the organization, the formation of a joint force. To achieve the "no danger of anything going wrong," nuanced make good detail off. In order to do a good job of each security project, China Telecom paid a super conventional efforts. Due to the high standard of the summit, large scale, more activities, very相关的主题文章: