Papi remind you beauty black sauce ferment mask listed

Papi remind you: beauty black sauce ferment mask listed school!!! There is no very Exciting??? If you are not a student party, It doesn ‘t matter!!! Because of the arrival of September 1st, indicates that there is a month, eleven long holiday came! Listen to Papi’s words: black magic sauce ferment mask, August 25th has been in the Tmall mall fashion first!!! Turn over, meet new, black film, black to black ceiling, let you every day is the most shining new"! The black suction black, three years bamboo woven Black Mountain Film Force of six years of primary school, junior high school for three years, three years of high school, it always implies three times and a new stage of maturity. Similarly, black beauty mask ferment selected Chinese Dabie mountains three years old mountain bamboo tall and straight and tenacity, one thousand degrees high temperature burning charcoal, polished by the time because this precious ingenuity is endowed with new. With unique bamboo charcoal ultra-fine structures bring with skin feel suits for skin, black film cloth made of bamboo charcoal with super purification ability, toughness and tension from natural plant material, strong adsorption of the skin deep turbid and aging metabolites. With the most gentle and natural way to suck black black, deep clean skin purification, reducing whitening tender pure state, make the skin shiny new. The leaven of beauty, to create the perfect "new face" school season should of course have the perfect high Yan Zhilai declared a new beginning. Bid farewell to the hidden in the skin of the turbid material, black and white enzymes for the purification of the skin to bring fresh conservation. The natural plant extract by traditional techniques of the fermentation of pure enzymes, with ancient wisdom Killing with Kindness, gentle and delicate surrounded by stubborn skin cutin, moisten things silently as a force to restore the skin smooth and soft. Three black high value of small Yan Qi Qi – from China assistant line Shaanxi black Miss brighten skin color, pink embellish good complexion in the next class to capture handsome students; full-bodied black tea to send fragrance overflowing the skin delicate tea table, flawless skin, let in the workplace the interns momentum with confidence out of the foot with wind; more from the Atlantic deep-sea algae, with fresh BGM creates a relaxed and beautiful little space, carry a good mood. School season, a new starting point. To get more women dedicated to the beautiful appearance, the heart full of beauty mask, the second half of 2016 is also a new starting point. This time, beauty mask with a new masterpiece – Black Beauty ferment mask series shiny appearance. The traditional black color in tribute, alcohol compounds from heaven and earth nourishing central draw strength, grasp time in stems from the natural gift of pure essence, with wisdom creation skills to create exclusive beauty mask with tender loving care.相关的主题文章: