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Postpartum mothers must prevent the 6 symptoms of postpartum maternal and child – Sohu because her mother just gave birth to the baby body is very weak, today to share with you about the south teacher postpartum mothers need to pay attention to and prevent the 6 symptoms of these diseases, if we do not pay attention, may regret for life! 1, the majority of women with urinary retention in the delivery of about 5 hours after their own urination, but some women will appear to lengthen the time of urination, and even can not urinate, the occurrence of urinary retention. 1-2 days after the birth of urine but not out, it is necessary to get out of bed as early as possible, the sooner the more likely to urinate urine retention. Perineal laceration, or in the delivery of episiotomy, urination pain. At this time, we must overcome the psychological fear of pain, brave underground bed urination for nurses without catheterization. If the excessive accumulation of cystic in urine, not only affect the uterine contraction, but also induced urinary tract infection. If delivery is not more than 8 hours after urination, the nurse will give you take measures to common is urethral catheterization, urethral mouth oil from a soft catheter, urinary bladder for natural outflow. There is a potential risk of catheterization urinary tract infection or urinary tract injury. Some mothers after pulling out the catheter, still can not urinate on their own, or increased urination pain, it is best to strive for urination. Prevention of postpartum urinary retention of the doctor’s advice (1) postpartum every 4 hours after a row of urine, do not have to wait until the urine. (2) after caesarean section to get out of bed as soon as possible, try not to urinate in bed. (3) the natural delivery of the mother, as far as possible in the first time after the first time to get out of bed. (4) drinking water before and after childbirth, in particular, do not be afraid of urination and not afraid of drinking water, the more water, the more unobstructed urination. (5) take your own posture of urination, do not deliberately change the row because of childbirth. (6) mental relaxation, childbirth is a natural thing, excessive tension is one of the causes of complications after childbirth. (7) remember simple sentences: relax, relax, relax, natural, natural, and natural. 2, maternal puerperal fever fever, the first thing to think of puerperal infection may. In case of puerperal infection, must be treated promptly and thoroughly, to prevent the inflammation to expand and spread and the sequelae. In order to prevent puerperal infection, childbirth, try to eat more fresh fruit, drink plenty of water and rest. After 42 days, to prohibit sex life, bath. Should pay attention to the reasonable diet, early ambulation, timely urination, avoid cystic urine retention, and uterine secretions from the effect of shrinkage. Pay attention to postpartum perineal cleaning, it is best to use sterile toilet paper and sanitary napkins. Breastfeeding mothers, if you need medication because of health reasons, be sure to tell the doctor does not affect the mother breast-feeding. The doctor advised to prevent puerperal fever (1) indoor air circulation, the room temperature is not too high, kept at about 24 DEG C. (2) ten spring climate dry, placed in the room humidifier humidity is maintained at 45%~50%. (3) before vaginal discharge is clean, be sure to avoid sexual life. (4):相关的主题文章: