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Many provinces and cities to determine the boundaries of the campus loan fine regulatory remodeling pattern pattern Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Xinpei reported in Shanghai according to a new business model by considering new risk events, and the new supervision mode has gradually surfaced. But for the increasingly sophisticated business chain, especially in the rise of the Internet financial sector, the explosion of public opinion is increasing, with the central government and local governments, the regulatory system is gradually forming. Just need to review "at the national level unified rules, local government policy coordination, guide the country to do the risk prevention work. And more to play the role of local government. According to their own circumstances can take measures and measures to prevent risks." September 13th, Li Youxing, vice president of the Institute of Internet finance, Zhejiang University, told reporters on the economic report in twenty-first Century. In September 13th, Shenzhen Internet Finance Association conducted the first national campus net loan risk of publicity and education activities at the Shenzhen University in September 7th, Guangzhou Internet Financial Association issued a "notice" on regulating the campus network lending business, standardize the campus loan to the existence of chaos. Prior to Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai have issued a notice on the specification of the campus loan. The industry is expected to have more and more local policies will be the future of the campus loan chaos is bound to play a role in improving. I believe that the next, there will be more local policies with the entry and exit. At the same time, the Ministry of education, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other central level should further refine the specification of the development of campus loan standards and the implementation of fine supervision." On September 13th, vice president, Ying Chan group net loan house co-founder Shi Pengfeng told reporters. Elite credit CEO Ceng Qinghui also said to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, under the supervision and guidance of the government, the campus loan industry will be more orderly, and the benign and full market competition will promote the development of this industry, and refine the industry standards more reasonable, more healthy and mature industry structure. Government guidance and norms will be conducive to the development of the industry, but where is the boundary of the government? Shi Pengfeng believes that moderate government intervention is conducive to the healthy development of the industry, but also requires a corresponding boundary, such as reduced across the board simply means of supervision, to solve the vicious competition and bad money drives out good money phenomenon through more market-oriented means. Comprehensive renovation of campus loan in April this year, the Ministry of education and the CBRC jointly issued "on the strengthening of the campus network lending adverse risk prevention and education work notice", strengthen the supervision and regulation of bad campus network lending platform. Subsequently, the local government has also accelerated the pace of standardization of campus loans. In August 5th, the Shanghai Financial Information Industry Association Co sponsored the establishment of "Shanghai Campus Green Credit Union, and put forward the" Fifth Five rule "; in August 21st, the Chongqing Municipal Finance Office, the Banking Bureau, Chongqing City Board of Education jointly issued on the campus相关的主题文章: