Psychiatric brother kill not criminally taxi company Pipan Pei 300 thousand Sohu news

Psychiatric brother kill not criminally taxi company Pipan Pei 300 thousand Sohu news during the onset of schizophrenia, the taxi driver Zhang killed another taxi driver gumou. After the court found the relevant facts, found that the implementation of Zhang’s murder, serious harm to the safety of citizens, but not criminally responsible, by making a decision on Zhang compulsory medical. Subsequently, the family to a son Zhang and taxi companies raised more than 200 yuan of civil compensation requirements. August 25th, Shanghai, a court of second instance hearing the case. Surging news (September 23, 2014) reporter learned from the court, Zhang Xu, due to intentional assault caused his minor criminal detention, the court finds that the suffering from schizophrenia, but has limited criminal responsibility ability and competence to stand trial, guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to seven months imprisonment zhang. After release, Zhang was employed as a taxi company with HSBC taxi driver. May 31, 2015 9 am, Zhang Feng taxi company with a taxi to the Shanghai Pudong International Airport P1 car park waiting queue queue. At this time, another taxi company driver Gu also came to the car pool, waiting in line in another parking lot. Two see Zhang Gumou be strangers to each other, but after the taxi driver to get off on both sides, without any conflict situation, folding knife stab suddenly to carry in the driver’s seat Gumou neck, causing Gumou left internal jugular vein rupture and hemorrhagic shock, on the same day by 10:21 pm the hospital died. The same day, Zhang was arrested for criminal acts and criminal detention. Identified by the forensic center, Zhang suffering from schizophrenia, which is in the time of the crime and is currently in the onset of criminal cases in which there is no criminal responsibility, the ability to stand trial. The court found that Zhang suffered from schizophrenia need long-term medication, special care, necessary compulsory medical facts, found Zhang implemented the killings, seriously endangering the safety of citizens, but not bear criminal responsibility, by making decision to compulsory health of zhang. Zhang was sent to compulsory medical treatment after the victim’s mother Gumou Fumou, wife and son of a wish to Zhang, Zhang Xiao Gu, the son of Zhang and Feng adult company as a defendant, to the court, the defendant requested three share Gumou medical treatment fees, funeral expenses, lost fees, legal fees and spirit solatium and other costs totaling more than 200 yuan. June 17, 2016, the court of First Instance sentenced Zhang to pay compensation for three plaintiffs and other personal damages of $870 thousand, with a certain amount of compensation for the company to pay compensation for damages to the plaintiff, such as three yuan of personal damages of $300 thousand. After the verdict, with abundant company refused to appeal to a court in Shanghai. August 25th, Shanghai, a court hearing on the case open trial. On the court, the two sides around with Feng company of Gumou death should bear the liability of each other. Gu Fang believes that the company has hired a taxi driver in the absence of the applicant’s physical health conditions, criminal records and other aspects of the necessary audit obligations, the recruitment of mental patients engaged in.相关的主题文章: