Qatar sister Paris highway robbery was robbed of 5 million euros

The sisters Paris highway robbery loss of 5 million euros – Beijing, Beijing, November 23, according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) Chinese network reported that French police sources said, there are two Qatari women together with the driver in northern Paris on the highway by masked men robbed, robbed the total value of goods amounted to 5 million euros. On the evening of 21 local time, the two sisters in Qatar Bentley automobile has just left Bourges airport, on the road was stopped by the robbers, and the robbers was sprayed tear gas. Police sources said, "all of the items on the car, including jewelry, clothing, luggage, etc. have been stolen." Accept a French television interview BFMTV sources said the robbers forced the two sisters stopped a car near a gas station. Reported that many criminals often in this section of the highway targeting a number of high-end cars or robbery in the traffic jam when foreigners. Last April, the 3 robbers from an Asian art collectors taxi window into the car, stole 4 million euros worth of jewelry. A Saudi prince was robbed in the same area in August 2014. When his team is heading to Bourges airport, possession of firearms robbers attacked the team, stole 250 thousand euros. Earlier this month, the French government announced that it would inject money into the tourism industry, promising to add camera monitoring equipment in the hot tourist areas.相关的主题文章: