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"Fast kill 2" company officer Keanu handsome "shoveled shit killer fast kill 2" poster Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, "fast kill 2" (John Wick: Chapter Two) released posters, Keanu · Reaves’s killer shoveled shit officer tailored again. The sequel Ruby · (Ruby, Rose); Los Common and the "escape" black boss Peter · Stommel (Peter Stormare) to join Ian · Mike Shane (Ian McShane), actor and director Chad · Stahel J Ki (Chad Stahelski) regression. The 2014 launch of the "fast kill" to "don’t touch my dog" storyline and "you provoked me I no nonsense direct Nen to kill you" cool, action style won many audience love, and "fast kill 2" action scenes also makes people feel expectation, director Starr Hills it revealed that the second action almost doubled than before, especially the car chase scene up to the extreme, the opening will be car chase, and many of them are Keanu · Reaves personally shot. The film will be released next year in North America 2.10. (West) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: