Red rice note4 evaluation in addition to the ten core CPU as well as flagship Technology

Red rice Note4 evaluation: in addition to the ten nuclear CPU and the flagship Note4 evaluation evaluation process of Red Phoenix (Zheng Wei) since the July 2013 launch of the first red rice, as of July this year, the cumulative sales of red rice series mobile phone for 3 years, has more than 110 million taiwan. Today, after last month’s Pro red rice, millet today and immediately launched the red rice Note4. The so-called flagship machine using the technology of the mobile phone will have what kind of performance? Appearance: metal fuselage using the flagship machine process, the amount of this product is not less than the double photo red rice Pro camera?" This is my first impression after seeing red rice Note4. 5.5 inch display in fact, this judgment is not accurate. His brother outline is similar with the red rice Note4 carefully, no ground for blame, in many details still took some thought to design. Red rice Note4 is equipped with 5.5 inch screen resolution of 1080P, although is a sun screen, but no AMOLED screen using red rice Pro. It does not have a narrow frame, the whole body is not too tight. Midline symmetry of the design language throughout the red rice Note4. 5 million pixel front Phoenix technology get the gray color of the red rice Note4 didn’t see it, if it is a white color then you will find it at the top of the front sensor, a receiver and 5 million pixel front camera position is symmetrical, and the sensor and the front lens shape the same in size. At the bottom of the bottom Android navigation keys or old appearance, millet type three Android navigation button design, the open hole and the top of the front including the back of the camera and the opening of the bottom border are midline symmetrical, this design allows no criticism of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Micro USB interface at the top of the red rice Note4 did not use red rice Pro on the Type-C interface, but the traditional Micro USB interface, the top is the 3.5mm headset interface with infrared transmitter. From the upper and lower ends of the frame, red rice Note4 some thick. After 4100 Ma when the battery takes into account such a cell phone with a screen of 5.5 inches rear of a large capacity battery of 4100 Ma, the thickness of 8.35 mm body can also be accepted. The back of the fuselage on both sides and it has a certain radian, holding more fit the palm. Red rice Note4 with an integrated metal body design, unlike the polishing wire drawing process of red rice Pro, its back is used in ceramic sandblasting process, compared to red rice Pro partial plastic handle, metal taste thicker red rice Note4. Three select the two card slot worth mentioning is that red rice Note4 back is very simple, only a MI word Logo. The upper and the lower two signals are made of nano injection molding process. In other words, it is pulled out of a block of metal on the two joints, compared to the upper and lower ends of the plastic patch of the three section of the fuselage process is more difficult. Nano injection signal band as a whole, red rice Note4 is to keep up with the pace of the recently released music 2, Charm Blue E competitors, stepped into the ranks of thousands of metal body. Although the Lei said;相关的主题文章: