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Ren Zeping: the real estate regulation good stock market bond market debt and other topics PPP on Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger one-on-one coaching opportunities: participating construction of sina finance expert onlookers Niugu news October 23rd news, "the real estate cycle is the mother of a new round of regulation means small economic cycle recovery funds from the housing market to the end. Other categories of assets flow." Founder Securities chief economist Ren Zeping said that the real estate market regulation favorable bond market, the recent stock debt are strong. In the third session of the Guangdong Development Bank wealth forum, Ren Zeping continued to maintain the structural market volatility in the market opportunity, suggestions focus on state-owned enterprises mixed change, PPP, rail transportation, debt, and consumption of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the 4 quarter theme investment opportunities. We should pay attention to the current round of regulation, although only 22 cities, but the specifications are high." Ren Zeping said that after the real estate regulation, sales fell significantly. He believes that the first three quarters of this year, GDP can keep more than 6.5%, the real estate is an important reason for this year: 9 in real estate development and investment growth rebounded to 7.8%; by PPI rebound, improving corporate earnings and real estate infrastructure needs strong support, manufacturing investment rose to 5.1%. They judge the end of the small real estate cycle, this round of house prices rose to an end. With the real estate regulatory effect appears, Ren Zeping expects the end of the fourth quarter of the economy will return to the downstream channel, the policy may force part of the hedge infrastructure. In addition, in September 12200 yuan of new loans, higher than expected, mainly due to bill financing and loans, individual housing loans increased by $475 billion 900 million. Ren Zeping said that with the real estate regulation, the future of housing loans fell, assets are more scarce, the bank may increase debt, outsourcing, infrastructure loans. Their analysis, real estate regulation on the stock market funds face good, bearish fundamentals, but the decline in real estate investment is expected to be part of the PPP infrastructure and hedge, so the real estate regulation overall neutral impact on the stock market; on the other hand, the regulation of real estate favorable bond market, because of the economic downturn is expected inflation, financial regulation and bank delayed contraction after the configuration of mortgage demand, after the national bond market as strong, they remain bullish bond market. The deputy governor of Guangdong Development Bank, retail SBU President Wang Guizhi pointed out that the investment and wealth rules China greatly affected by macroeconomic policy, so the fourth quarter of 2016 and 2017 should see investment trends monetary policy, fiscal policy and industrial policy. Wang Guizhi pointed out that the majority of countries in the world is currently in the economic contraction cycle, the overall easing of money. In the face of low interest rates and even negative interest rate environment, it is necessary to use the overall emphasis on defense of wealth management strategies. (Sina Finance Xu Min from Shanghai) into the [Sina Finance shares] discussion相关的主题文章: