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Ribeka: they are single fold entertainment clean some time ago to see a report said, in the popularity of Korean cosmetic, the most primitive natural single eyelid girl is more and more popular. South Korea version of "Vogue" also specifically invited five single eyelids girls to show their unique beauty. We have many popular Korean female stars are single eyelids. Jin Gaoyin and Pu Baoying. We   domestic single fold female star… Think of a circle can not think of a few. First comes to mind is the cousin of Liu Wen, is simply a stream. We   in addition to models and some veteran actress, the single fold female star really good little. After all, everyone is now popular to the European wide cut like a swarm of bees eyelids. Really good looking? I know you have a single eyelids actress, was the director of a major Chinese film selected for women, feel their single eyelids are not perfect, before the shooting went to cut a double fold… The director was furious, let her take off the embedding back to a single eyelids. It was because the director felt that she had not recognized her after she had cut her eyes. In fact, I really understand this kind of want to make yourself look more perfect mood. Many girls don’t like their eyes. I have now become a single pair of eyes, people often advised me to cut a double fold "would look better". But I have always felt that, of course, eyes will make eyes look bigger, single eyelids naturally have their own beauty. Single eyelids can also have a pair of talking eyes ah, moreover, some of the characteristics of the exclusive single eyelid, but no double fold. Do not believe that a look at: bring their own curved smile Christine Fan wrote a song: "your eyes will laugh, bent into a bridge". Do you find that a lot of girls Sepet laugh is like this, eyes curved, like a small crescent, very cute. We became popular because of "cheese" trap gold anode is a typical single eyelids girls. She is not only a single eyelids, the eyes of the whole is relatively small, wide eyes, and occasionally swollen eyes. You but she really loves to laugh, laugh always "bent bridge", this confidence, smile, super contagious. And single eyelids girls laugh is not easy to have fine lines. We single eyelids she is popular magazines and advertisers welcome her photographs all smiles. You laughing eyes into a line, look at feel good mood. So the typical single eyelids girl and Pu Baoying, her eyes are very thin, can be completely epicanthus (i.e. inner canthus is not more sebum wrap, open, big eyes very bright). So she smiles is a lovely eyes, a degree is not lost on the eyelid, when the program is also exposing said like a puppy, ha ha, is really like. We see figure to feel what is real · smiling eyes. You big cousin Liu Wen often face smiles, and dimples, sweet atmosphere. So in addition to the lovely and sweet route. Single eyelids girls often bring their own charm attributes. There is a word called winks as silk, every time I see Sandy Lam]相关的主题文章: