Satomi Ishihara and Keiko Kitagawa are proud of the body, are maintained in this way! rosstallanma

Satomi Ishihara and Keiko Kitagawa are proud of the body, are maintained in this way! Body has always been the subject of everyone, every year will also be a popular method of weight loss, but how to maintain the law is really effective? This kind of thing is the most understanding of female stars! So today from SNS to find out how the Japanese female stars are how to maintain it! In fact, Masami Nagasawa Masami Nagasawa’s favorite delicacy because, for a while there is a little fat, but as long as it is for the filming, and then how to lose weight he tried hard! Recently for filming, lost more than, let everyone by surprise! Masami Nagasawa’s way to lose weight is to Pilar Tis and yoga based, is to eat, so it will be more difficult exercise! Long Ze more love than weight training can be trained some internal muscle exercise to keep the body soft, increase basal metabolism! Nakamura Kyo Nakamura Kyo may have fewer people know, but he is the super popular drama "the protagonist of the lease Savior"! Very healthy physique is one of the most admired women Japanese actress. When it comes to Nakamura Kyo, you’ll be referring to crossfit! Crossfit is to go to the coach will accompany you to practice 10 different training, very tired, but the effect is very good. But for those of US citizens to do crossfit too difficult, and is actually found in the village of sauce is also very love to eat three meals according to the intake of enzymes to increase metabolism, of course if you love the beauty of lines of muscle, weight training is also very important, but if not, can also learn to drink enzyme oh! Satomi Ishihara Shi Mei, is recognized by everyone! However, we may think that Shi is not always so thin, how to maintain it? In fact, Ishihara had the baby fat is particularly serious, but also because of Ishihara special love to make their own food, so she practices a bite 30 under way, which not only have a lot of sense, because the number of a few bites will pay special attention to chewing way, not too hard, causing facial muscle overuse and hypertrophy Oh ~ Keiko Kitagawa recently married to DAIGO Beichuan, the more happiness, and more beautiful! Looks more and more temperament than before, more and more healthy. Before she had revealed in her blog, she will eat 5 to 6 meals a day, each meal will only eat some, but mainly some soup or smoothie. Especially in the filming what was very busy, so although the body will take this with a lot of nutrition small packing bag, so that when the hungry can add energy and nutrition out and not fat! ROLA is a hybrid ROLA is actually super easy to gain weight, as long as some will be crazy to eat some fat. So ROLA also revealed in the television, in order to consume fat, so a week will go to boxing training several times, not only can express emotions, aerobic and anaerobic once practiced, very efficient! However, because the physical relationship, ROLA will be able to drink protein powder to help the formation of muscle can be opened to beat the constitution, a little more muscle a little fat ah!相关的主题文章: