Shanxi, director of prevention of miscarriages of justice prosecutors early intervention in the new sorpack

Shanxi, director of prevention of miscarriages of justice prosecutors early intervention murder – Beijing – responsible for the reporter Wang Zhitang yuanjiacuoan greatly damaged the judicial authority and credibility, reasons are mostly due to the investigation detailed cause case flaw. In order to reduce the defects of cases, from the beginning of 2013, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate in Taiyuan City District 4 procuratorate began to implement the procuratorial organs in advance of the murder investigation mechanism, and from the beginning of January 2014 in the province to implement. Shanxi Provincial People’s Procuratorate prosecutor Yang Si long today to accept the "Legal Daily" reporter the interview said that after 3 years of operation, the procuratorial organs in advance by the prosecutor in the murder has been involved in the murder murder group chief prosecutor led intervention, from simple preliminary investigation into full involvement, the murder of the chief prosecutor for life responsible for the system. The murder procedure improved the quality of case for quality steadily improved, effectively prevent the occurrence of miscarriages of justice. The murder of a working group involved in the investigation is not tall, the hair has been in Shuozhou City People’s Procuratorate prosecution with a deputy director Xu Ruimin, recently very busy. Because he has another identity – murder in the investigation and handling of chief prosecutor (referred to as the murder of the chief prosecutor). Xu said: "in the past cases, with director and director and attorney general in charge of above, people carry out of the thing. Now is the murder of the chief prosecutor led the murder of their own working group handling, handling the process of what they say, directly to the attorney general in charge, put forward higher requirements on the professional level, the greater the responsibility! "Like Xu Ruimin, director of the prosecutor’s murder has now spread across the Province by the municipal procuratorate, the municipal procuratorate for examination by the assessment and competition form, from the selection of city hospital reconnaissance, public prosecution department. The reporter learned from the Shuozhou municipal procuratorate, the procuratorial organs in advance to advance the murder investigation mechanism, Shuozhou city procuratorate set up a leading group, responsible for directing the murder investigation involved in overseeing the overall work, at the same time, break departmental barriers, set up a working group on the murder. A murder group is composed of more than 3 members, two of whom were from the murder of the chief prosecutor, city hospital reconnaissance and the Department of public prosecution, the remaining staff from the grassroots hospital. Responsible for the murder of the chief prosecutor for the leader, which is the first responsible person. Shuozhou city procuratorate director Qi Xianzhou said, after the murder, the district and county procuratorate informed the public security organs, immediately reported to the municipal procuratorate early intervention group led the murder investigation work; then the city procuratorate appointed by the murder of chief prosecutor handling the case leading group first time to the murder scene, collect and guide the public security organs perfect, fixed evidence, full, dynamic supervision and investigation activities; when the two murder of the chief prosecutor disagree, can directly report the attorney, the chief procurator held the final. At present, most of the implementation for murder by the grass-roots hospital arrest and prosecution, in the municipal hospital, but in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to the prosecutor appointed by the NPC Standing Committee, in view of this situation, Shuozhou city issued, by the municipal hospital chief prosecutor at the grass-roots level as the murder of assistant prosecutor, murder suspects arrested according to law review相关的主题文章: