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Single mother ten years working for the landlord was moved by the daughter to buy a house cheaper to sell – Sohu news landlord write a long passage in the circle of friends Liang Ping wants her daughter to follow their own life in Keqiao in order to let daughter left-behind children 10 years working she decided to buy a house in Shaoxing about a month ago, Shaoxing Keqiao Mr. Shi is going to a set of 85 square meters of the house, to find an intermediary company at the price of 740 thousand yuan for sale. The house has a loft, lots or ask a lot of people, all hope that Mr. Shi lower price. Shi said he was hanging on the market price, do not want to sell too cheap. However, just a few days ago, the house sold at the price of 670 thousand yuan, although it is also the price of buyers, but mr.. Cheap to sell the house, Mr. Shi also micro letter circle of friends with a lot of said: "intermediary to sell my house cheap, I know, but I am willing to! She was touched by her!" Single mother dream to buy a house buyers called Liang Ping, Anhui people, 27 years old this year, has worked in Keqiao for 10 years, although not much money, but always dreams of buying a suite in Keqiao, she did not want to two-year-old daughter has been in the home when the left-behind children, hoping she can always follow my life in Keqiao. Especially in the first half of this year, Liang Ping and her husband because of character divorce, she felt more love to her daughter. From a textile factory worker, now engaged in domestic cleaning, Liang Ping 10 years of life was not easy, married three years ago, thought of her husband’s share, life too easy, but the fact did not imagine so good. Two people after the divorce, Liang Ping returned to his hometown, he continued to sell strength in Keqiao. That is, from then on, she thought of buying a house. Late last month, Liang Ping began to find some real estate agents to find a house, fancy a penthouse with a penthouse, priced at 740 thousand yuan a small suite. I like the house, I can buy after living in the attic, the following rent out a house to ease some of the pressure on the loan, but the agency said the landlord contacted a lot of buyers, not willing to cut prices." Liang Ping is coming to the landlord’s phone, he decided to go. She never Tucao life is not easy, Liang Ping about the landlord Shi Shi, she introduced the situation again, saying that the price can be lower, her mind is 670 thousand yuan budget. Although these years, not much money, but also save some money, about 120 thousand, relatives can lend me $50 thousand, if the price can be sold, as long as I loan 500 thousand, the pressure is not so big." Shi after listening to Liang Ping said, did not like a few times before the direct refusal of the buyer, but said to go home to discuss with his wife. The second day early in the morning, Shi gave Liang Ping a phone call: 670 thousand!" "My daughter and her daughter the same age, foster care in the home, as a single mother, her daughter has been complaining of deep-seated yearning, is to buy a house for my daughter, I was moved back home with his wife, after discussion, we decided to sell her below the market price." Mr. Shi相关的主题文章: