Steel futures the contradiction between supply and demand appeared above the pressure of ore

Steel futures: the contradiction between supply and demand of ore show pressure above the client to view the latest market Abstract: the second half of the supply side reforms will accelerate, steel and coal production capacity to upgrade pressure, black chain structure, reduce the raw material demand, bad iron ore. Meanwhile, the iron ore port stocks to maintain a high level of hundreds of millions of tons, the supply side pressure. Iron ore supply and demand is expected to be at the end of the contradiction between the two sides gradually appear, ore prices or highs. The proposed rallies Jiankong, occupying 20% of the total funds Jiancang, interval 420-450, stops at the high point of the year 466, target 380. One. The second half of the year will accelerate the reform of the supply side, the first half of the bad iron ore supply side reform achievement, but the second half of the task is still a long way to go. Data show that as of the end of July, steel and coal industry capacity to complete the annual task respectively 47%, 38%. At the beginning of August held in Beijing iron and steel coal industry to resolve the overcapacity and out development work of the inter ministerial joint meeting, stressed the need to push into the capacity of the work, to ensure the completion of objectives and tasks in 2016. At the same time, the meeting clearly, to strictly control the new capacity, throughout any name or in any way to record the capacity of the new steel projects, three years to stop approving new coal projects, and resolutely prevent the production of "minus side by side". In addition, the G20 conference is being held in Hangzhou, steel to the production capacity of the theme was repeatedly mentioned. Mention of President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the G20 speech, from the beginning of 2016, with 5 years Yajian crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 1.5 tons, with 3 to 5 years to exit the coal production capacity of 5 tons, 5 tons reduction restructuring. The second half of the year with greater capacity to pressure, steel and coal supply side reforms will support steel prices, iron ore prices, bad. Recently in the country to step up the implementation of the capacity plan, a number of steel blast furnace demolition, the iron and steel industry to accelerate the production process has obvious signs. The latest news, the Jiangsu provincial government in September 5th held a news conference, informed the province to resolve the overcapacity work progress, as of the end of August this year, Xu Mining Group has completed 5 coal mines closed wellhead, out of production capacity of 6 million 400 thousand tons, completed the 78.2% goal to resolve. Xuzhou Mining Group and Qishan Coal Mine of Yangzhou Mining Bureau in Wang Zhuang coal mine in September and will be in late October of this year to stop mining, start off well, when the province’s coal industry to production task will be finished ahead of time. Iron and steel, Jiangsu iron and steel industry has withdrawn excess capacity of 2 million 800 thousand tons, to complete the annual plan of 71.8%. To the end of October this year, with the withdrawal of Suzhou 1 million 100 thousand tons of steel production capacity, Jiangsu province will be completed ahead of the annual steel production capacity to the task. In addition, in order to ensure the coal, iron and steel enterprises excess production capacity Yajian task, the Finance Department of Henan Province recently issued a number of awards and subsidies, power supply side reforms. Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei and other provinces are expected to take the lead in the second half of the supply side reform will be accelerated. Two. The profit is expected to increase the number of steel, crude steel output rose slightly, following the G20 this week after the re introduction of Tangshan limited production 2016 monthly crude steel production remained stable level,.相关的主题文章: