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"Sunday" two recommended: Australia a + qualifying offer for you – a 001 Australian sports Sohu: Sydney FC vs Perth glory this season as currently the only one victory of the team, the state is also a trend which cannot be halted and scored 13 goals, conceding just 1 goals, the team performed extremely well on both ends. Sydney FC League home court against Melbourne victory, the team played poorly in the first half, the opponent before the end of the first half scoring, side after Sydney FC performance is on the offensive pressure on the initiative to take on an altogether new aspect, and the final Sydney FC to 2-1 reversal opponent. Round of the face of the actual strength of Perth glory is expected to add three points. Perth glory recently 1 flat 1 negative performance decline, this is at the leader, want to win is not easy. The Gambling company for the game to open the Lord let the hemisphere by injection, having to let a ball, showing more confidence for his. The compensate the Lord – odds at around 1.65 also support his play. Sydney FC this season against the stunning performance, history of the two teams have the upper hand, this is the home team continue to get home court battle. Recommended: Sydney FC let a ball on disc, SMG 001 wins. 013 European qualifying: Belgium vs Estonia and Belgium in the European Cup after ranking has declined, but its strength is still the world’s top of the star, with experience in competition precipitation more mature, we have reason to expect they can achieve good results in the world cup. Belgium a World Cup qualifier at Gibraltar, the team occupy an overwhelming advantage in the scene, the Turk striker after just 7 seconds to score and become the fastest World Cup scoring record, after scoring a hat trick to help the team to win 6:0. The warm-up before the game, the Belgian holding most of the main force, still draw with Holland, actually recognized. Estonia for the world series is as a guest role, Estonia World Cup only three games to get 3 points, currently in the H group ranked fourth, with group rivals Belgium, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina three team strength to their team, there is no hope of qualifying competition, accumulation of competition experience and hone player is the team most objective. The banker chupan out let two ball half ", from the two famous contrast, let disc is more reasonable. Having to let three ball, it is not difficult to cover the upper plate heat. The last round 6:0 victory is impressive, and the big ball 3.5 ball opening, combined with the general situation of Belgium has all win disc, with the handicap of doing Bureau. This field is not valued in Belgium can win. Recommended: Estonia the three ball. · END· statement: WeChat recommended open platform before the early, late odds may change, please refer to their own rational analysis. Click on " read " you can see the strongest lottery dry cargo cheats, do not miss oh相关的主题文章: