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Teach you to read the three common psychological baby [Abstract] people always think that children do not have any psychological activity, in fact, otherwise. Psychologists believe that children with complex psychological activities, but also because of the psychological resistance is poor, prone to many psychological problems, parents should understand children’s psychology, and guide them to a healthy direction. The story of a control freak: 5 year old Yang Yang stood in the cupboard to the supermarket before the mother for a "music tank" mama said not to buy, Yang began to yell a moment of silence. Mother had no choice but to yield. Who knows when the positive attention has not in the "music tank": his mother will pass the "music tank" into the ground, kicking my mother, "kick music tank", and even came to persuade salesman scratch and play, more people around him much more huan. At this time, the "music tank" seems to have in addition to Yang Yang’s line of sight, he loses control act wildly. Analysis: willfulness is a common problem for many children, if the child’s willful behavior can not be corrected in time, it will develop into a psychological disorder – dominate crazy. Obviously, Yang’s behavior has been far beyond the scope of "self willed", from a psychological point of view, he has been developed from unruly to dominate crazy. Control freak is a character because of excessively extreme, lead to emotional control problems. A control freak child excessively self-centered, unreasonable demands all of us must be around him, and a tendency by extreme language and behavior to arouse the attention of others, in order to get psychological satisfaction. As the example of Yang Yang, then is not the purpose to get the "music tank", but from people around to his attention by way of noisy, wild. Special note: there is a chronic illness or physical disability children, spoiled over children and neglected children who are most prone to such problems. Countermeasures: prevention is better than cure. These timely and appropriate early education that can effectively prevent children obsessed". Pay attention to children’s emotional changes. Emotional change is a barometer of children’s mental health". When the child appears willful behavior, be sure to find out the reason: is the child did not get the proper attention, by the aggrieved, or the child’s reasonable requirements have not been met? Then based on the specific reasons, timely ease the child’s emotions, rather than scold the children. Don’t limit your child’s needs. Parents should never be satisfied with their children without any reason to meet him, regardless of reasonable. For example, if a child is picky about food, he may be hungry and never give extra food. After a few times, he will know what kind of behavior is not supported by his parents. Teach children to learn to cooperate with others. For example, at home through food sharing, role play and other ways to let the children know that they are only a member of the family, rather than the core. To establish the authority of parents. When the children have "control freak" behavior should be clear signs, tell them "no means no," let the children be able to see and experience of parental authority. Of course, if the child has formed the psychological barrier, correct it not in a day, it is recommended as soon as possible to seek help from a therapist. [Abstract] [Abstract] [Abstract].相关的主题文章: