Thailand this year fourth by the investigation into IPO brokerage refinancing project was not affect

Thailand this year fourth by the investigation into IPO brokerage refinancing project is not affected by Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest off 60 million from WeChat public Chinese author Li Dongliang Thailand securities brokerage is a criminal investigation, 20 companies implicated IPO? Over the past two days Thailand securities suffered this false rumors troubled. What is the truth? Brokerage Chinese reporter learned from informed sources, China and Thailand securities recently by the Commission to initiate an investigation, the reason is suspected in the new three panel makers in violation of the relevant laws and regulations of securities and futures. But the new three board market is not a sponsor system, does not apply to sponsor business management approach. Therefore, IPO, refinancing project is not affected. A fourth year investigation in Thailand securities brokerage recently announced that the company received notice of the Investigation Commission issued in September 1st this year, due to alleged violations of securities and futures related laws and regulations, Chinese Commission decided to initiate an investigation against the company. A year after the Thai securities Societe Generale Securities, Southwest Securities, the securities after the fourth investigation was brokerage. Previously, Societe Generale Securities, Southwest Securities and Sino German securities were investigated, the sponsor of the IPO and refinancing projects have been suspended audit. A lot of media speculation, Thailand securities of the investigation by the Commission, the sponsor of the IPO and refinancing projects will be suspended audit. However, Societe Generale Securities, Southwest Securities and securities project was suspended audit, the cause is in violation of the sponsor of the project "the issuance of securities listed on the sponsor business management measures" provisions of article seventieth of the sponsor, the sponsor representative for the business sponsor suspected illegal in criminal investigation, China Commission will not be accepted by the sponsor the recommended; they will not accept the relevant sponsor representative shall be responsible for the specific recommendation. Obviously, this was because Thailand Securities Commission’s investigation is "new board making, and three new board listed and market are and the business sponsor has no direct relationship, therefore it is not suitable for" securities issuance and listing sponsor business management measures ". Many informed sources confirmed this judgment. Informed sources said that Thailand securities under investigation is because three new board making business, currently the sponsor of the project IPO and refinancing projects all normal. The investigation was suspended and investment can not be equated worth mentioning is that the community has been in the subconscious will "by the SFC investigation" and "the termination of the project audit hook, this has seriously affected the normal conduct of investment banking. For example, Thailand securities related department recently received a lot of media and investment projects has sparked unease about. In fact, with the securities company’s business diversification, innovation project is complicated, the investigation by the SFC is not an individual phenomenon, but only the sponsor of the project is to initiate an investigation, it is only a securities company is a criminal investigation, the sponsor of the project of the affected joint. The industry therefore called for the relevant departments in the securities company issued a notice of investigation, should be listed whether the sponsor involved in the business, in order to stabilize the relevant IPO projects and refinancing project side相关的主题文章: