The adjustment of Chongqing City retirees pension replacement in place before the end of this month ricky lee neely

The adjustment of Chongqing City retirees pension replacement in place before the end of this month business reporter Ye Huijuan Chongqing daily news yesterday, the reporter from the Chongqing Agency Bureau was informed that from January 1, 2016 onwards, adjust the basic pension for retirees in our city. This is the 12 time since 2005 that the state has adjusted the basic pension of enterprise retirees for the last time, and this year will also adjust the basic pension of retirees in government organs and institutions. It is understood that the provisions of the state, the overall adjustment of the region in accordance with the region in 2015 retirees per capita basic pension level of about 6.5% of the determination. My pension adjustment will be computed from January 1, 2016, and the amount of adjustment before the end of September for 1~9 months. How much pension can the three adjustments combine with each month? It is understood that the amount of adjustment is calculated by quota adjustment, hook adjustment, appropriate tilt combined to calculate. Quota adjustment increased by 60 yuan per person per month. Quota adjustment refers to the unification of retirees in enterprises, institutions and institutions, with an increase of 60 yuan per person per month. To adjust retirees and retired personnel in institutions and institutions. Among them, enterprise retirees in adjusting quota basis, and I linked the payment period, payment period for each full 1 years, increased 3 yuan per person per month; institutions retirees in basic quota adjustment, linked with the level of pensions, in December 2015 the average pension level of similar personnel as the base, each monthly increase of 4.5%. Tilt adjustment is mainly for retirees who work earlier and retirees in hard and remote areas. In addition, the basic pension for enterprise retirees demobilized cadres is low, to ensure that their basic pension is not lower than the average level of our city enterprise retirees. Those who are in accordance with a number of preferential policies can enjoy both at the same time. Before the end of September honored place it is understood that, in accordance with state regulations, the adjustment from January 1, 2016 onwards. According to the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, will this month before the end of the month, 1~9 adjust the amount of all payments to retirees in the hands. It is worth noting that our adjustments range before December 31, 2015 for retirement (post) approval procedures and receive a monthly basic pension of enterprises and institutions retirees, but does not include December 31, 2015 and personnel before death. The Municipal Bureau of human resources and social affairs reminds people that if there is any doubt, they can dial 12333 service hotline or consult with the local social insurance agencies. (a) of enterprise retirees, and I linked the payment period 3 year (2) institutions retirees, retirees and similar personnel in 2015 12 4.5%, the average monthly pension linked 2016 basic pension adjustment measures to adjust the standard of the project (January) quota adjustment 60 January hook adjustment tilt adjustment (1) corporate pension personnel to participate in the work of 1953 30 by the end of January (2) enterprises in remote areas difficult retirees 30 January (3) 2005 years 12 months 3 yuan

重庆市调整退休人员养老金 本月底前补发到位   商报记者 叶惠娟   重庆商报讯 昨天,记者从重庆市人社局获悉,从2016年1月1日起,调整我市退休人员基本养老金。这是2005年以来,国家连续12次调整企业退休人员基本养老金,同时今年还将同步调整机关事业单位退休人员基本养老金。   据了解,国家规定,各地区总体调整水平按照本地区2015年退休人员月人均基本养老金水平的6.5%左右确定。我市养老金调整将从2016年1月1日起算,并于9月底前补发1~9月的调整金额。   三种调整方法结合   每月到底能多拿多少退休金?据了解,调整额度是由定额调整、挂钩调整、适当倾斜相结合来计算的。   定额调整每人每月统一增加60元。定额调整是指企业和机关事业单位退休人员统一每人每月增加60元。   挂钩调整分企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员。其中,企业退休人员在定额调整基础上,与本人缴费年限挂钩,缴费年限每满1年,每人每月增加3元;机关事业单位退休人员在定额调整的基础上,与养老金水平挂钩,以同类人员2015年12月平均养老金水平为基数,每人每月增加4.5%。   倾斜调整主要是对参加工作时间较早的企业退休人员和艰苦边远地区企业退休人员适当倾斜。此外,对基本养老金偏低的企业退休军转干部,继续确保其基本养老金不低于我市企业退休人员平均水平。符合多项倾斜政策的人员,可同时享受。   9月底前兑现到位   据了解,按照国家规定,本次调整从2016年1月1日起执行。市人社局表示,将于本月底前,把1~9月调整金额全部发放到退休人员手中。   值得注意的是,我市调整范围为2015年12月31日前办理退休(职)审批手续并按月领取基本养老金的企业和机关事业单位退休人员,但不包含2015年12月31日及以前死亡的人员。   市人社局提醒,市民如有疑问可拨打12333服务热线,或向当地社会保险经办机构进行咨询。   (一)企业退休人员,与本人缴费年限挂钩3元 年 (二)机关事业单位退休人员,与同类人员2015年12月平均养老金挂钩4.5%   重庆市2016年退休人员基本养老金调整办法一览   项目调整标准(元 月)   定额调整60元 月   挂钩调整   倾斜调整   (一)1953年年底前参加工作的企业退休人员30元 月   (二)艰苦边远地区企业退休人员30元 月   (三)2005年12月31日前办理退休并按月领取基本养老金的企业退休人员缴费年限超过20年的,每超过1年增加3元相关的主题文章: