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The United States found that the giant oil cited concern – International – the United States Geological survey recently released a report, the western desert Texas discovered a giant oil field, preliminary estimates of crude oil reserves of up to 20 billion barrels, with 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 1 billion 600 million barrels of liquefied petroleum gas. News, immediately aroused widespread concern in the international community. The oil record of the largest non conventional oil reserves record, even in the West Texas light crude oil futures (WTI) $45 a barrel price calculation, the value of oil reserves of more than $900 billion. The new discovery of oil is located in the western desert Texas of the Permian Basin Wolff Camp area, is the United States oil "gold zone". Texas is the largest oil producing state in the United States, accounting for about 13 of total U.S. oil production. Over the past 100 years, the oil industry has been a pillar industry in Texas, has made important contributions to the local economic and social development. Now that such a huge oil, let Texas oil industry, even the whole American petroleum industry are lifted. According to the assessment of the U.S. Geological Survey, Camp Wolff is the largest reserves of shale oil field in the United States so far evaluated, is 3 times the North Dakota beacon of shale oil. The Bureau of energy resources project coordinator Walter Guide? Ross said that local shale oil reserves, "even in has produced billions of barrels of crude oil, still have the potential to mining billions of barrels." The owner of the American pioneer oil Natural Resources Corp CEO Scott? Sheffield asserted that the shale oil reserves in the Permian Basin or up to 75 billion barrels, second only to Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar oil field. As we all know, oil is the "blood" of modern industry, the production, supply, sales and international oil price control of oil has always been the focus of the game in the world. Due to the advance of science and technology, especially in recent years, with the hydraulic fracturing technology has made a breakthrough, a "shale revolution" to the U.S. oil industry by leaps and bounds. From 2007 onwards, American oil production began to increase, the current output jumped to about 9 million 500 thousand barrels, the United States has thus become the world’s largest oil producing country. In response to the impact of the shale revolution, OPEC countries since 2014 and Russia have been fighting oil price war. 2014 years later, the international oil prices stumble endlessly, once fell below $30 barrel mark, although oil prices have recovered, but still between $40 to $50 a barrel fluctuations. Let us fall in international oil prices in many emerging shale oil companies operating difficulties, then a lot of shale oil companies because of falling oil prices down, but the survival of the enterprise in terms of technology, production capacity and cost are more competitive. According to the independent study of Norway famous energy research team of Resta energy, shows that the United States has recoverable oil reserves for the first in the world, including a recently discovered and has yet to find potential oil field reserves estimates, the United States has recoverable oil reserves of 264 billion barrels, 256 billion barrels of 212 billion barrels more than Saudi Arabia has and Russia have. Points)相关的主题文章: