The female is more than female traders chased hit the other was called the butcher minmi

The female is more than female traders chased hit the other was called "the butcher" was the original title: more women chased hit Chinese daily news (reporter Chen Danya) in October 25th 9 am, who lives in Dongguan Street, Ms. Tang to sell meat in their own shops, because the butcher a tricycle along the road patrol, the urban management requirements move your car, the results of the two sides of conflict, including a woman chased by foot hurt Ms. tang. Ms. Tang is currently being treated in Shangluo central hospital. Female traders cried: was more than female chased hit 25 in the afternoon, is Shangluo central hospital emergency department of Ms. Tang told China Daily reporter cried, she was a butcher, a small tricycle stalls along the road, the seven or eight woman chased passing let her move your car, more than she was saying want to see, the inspectors can not be tolerant, not to one of the female city mouth obscenities: "you show love you less, a butcher to be careful not to let you sell!" This female inspectors not only verbally abusive to her, but also constantly provocative actions. Ms. Tang responded: "you do not let the pendulum will not be placed?" This sentence angered the woman chased, the other said they have heart disease lying on the ground, Ms. Tang to squat when asked what happened, lying on the ground for kicking over her female city, while the number of female inspectors to attack Ms. Tang together, the face, head and neck, back with multiple injuries. Lying in bed crying while Ms. Tang recalled that she was holding the knife cut, if you really want to resist it will not suffer, but I want to do a good business, the inspectors did not expect even such a bully. Urban Management Bureau staff: discipline inspection team leader in the training results do not know on the morning of 26, introduced in the master Zhang Dong Guan Zheng Jie cotton, yesterday did see the inspectors and female traders across the quarrel, then a lot of people watching, he saw only female traders and a female inspectors are lying on the ground, do not know the specific what happened. Beside the vegetables sister also confirmed that one morning before she was in the female traders beside the stall, hear both sides in the quarrel, and later found to 120 when she finished, the female traders pulled to the hospital to go. On the morning of 26, in Shangzhou District City Management Bureau office, a staff member surnamed Wu (sound) to the China Daily reporter, what is the cause of Ms. Tang Jeeves, the effects of pedestrians and vehicles, their unit Association friction and Ms. Wang Tang member of the staff of law enforcement. Casually said: "this is a broken things." When a reporter asked how to deal with things, Wu of the reporter to the legal office stock office, a female staff said that the matter is being handled, because the main leading units are on business, in charge of this discipline inspection team leader in training, it is impossible to know the processing results. 26 afternoon, the China Daily reporter on the Shangzhou District Urban Management Bureau discipline inspection team leader Wang Hongyan on the phone, that identity, the other said he was busy, did not respond to. It is understood that the Shangluo Municipal Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station has accepted the case, a police said, the case is being processed, the processing results to Jun相关的主题文章: