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"The founding ceremony of the red division" red new military footprint — in August army under the guidance of attend the founding ceremony of the red division of officers and soldiers marching through Tiananmen. In 1949 the founding ceremony of the parade of online search information, a black and white photograph particularly shocking eye-catching glory by reading the infantry phalanx marching in strong pace through Tiananmen. That was read by the troops, is the predecessor of the twenty-sixth group of a military brigade. They came from the smoke of war, now busy what? Recently, the reporter walked into the journey, to explore the "founding ceremony of the new period division red" red trail. A fire destroyed the said off – – "this" work day "special" in April 12, 1947 seven, even in the liberation of positive battle first boarded the city wall, was awarded the "Shanxi Chahar Hebei army Dengcheng pioneer even honorary title. Since then, in April 12th, was the seven company as a "big day"". This year on this day, as usual, wake up just rang soon, seven officers and soldiers have appeared in the training ground. "Toot toot toot — — –" the five km rapid whistle interrupted training. "Emergency collection!" Originally, the resident near the Yishan burst fires, the grim situation, the local government for emergency. Hundreds of soldiers smell so moving, ran back to their company. 5 plan!" In the even a series of emergency readiness plan, No. 5 is the task of fighting fires. Through regular training and action plan has been firmly in mind: soldiers action marshalling, personnel division, material preparation, disposal and other content, we all get as clear as noonday. Seven company commander Zheng Jiongming told reporters, a hill near the camp, had been "fire" numerous times, the soldiers always regard it as the imaginary fire, Hill rushed again and again, "destroy" the fires and again, light out there are seventy or eighty spades to. This time, it’s not a drill! The vehicle out of the garage, a fire extinguisher from combat equipment library carried out, one soldier deftly climbed aboard…… Less than 10 minutes, the troops assembled, ready to start. "Instructor, I also want to go!" Seven even soldiers Chen Dawei flushed up, blocking the instructor in front of Wang Xiliang. "No! You’re burning 39 degrees!" Reporter Chen David was 20 years old, the young man said: "even the seven soldiers no coward, never back to the task!" When the troops arrived at the scene of the fire, several hills were burnt to the sky. After a simple account, the officers and men that is established according to the division of labor, washed up a steep slope. Just over the hill reeky, around the smoke ashes. As soon as everyone put out the fire, they cleaned out an isolation belt. Wet camouflage, covered with dust, sticky skin, making the soldiers who soon played a red pimple. But no one has slowed down the fire. After five or six hours of fighting, the fire was finally extinguished. Even seven of the officers and men together, sit on the floor. From the start of the morning, in addition to the way to eat a packet of compressed biscuits, they have not drip into the water, grain rice is not stained. Hungry and tired both hit, many people have a look tired. "Today is our company"相关的主题文章: