The Great Northern Wilderness Commission for administrative penalties due to inflated profits

The Great Northern Wilderness by the Commission administrative penalties because of inflated profits hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert on forest stock election Niugu tournament Beijing daily news (reporter Ma Yuan Peng Mengfei) yesterday evening, the Great Northern Wilderness (600598) announced that the company in August 29th, the Commission received the "decision of administrative punishment", the investigation was bad is finally settled, from the specific content of punishment, the punishment is fine the Great Northern Wilderness illegal when executives, and no shichangjinru punishment is not severe. According to the Commission administrative penalty decision, the Great Northern Wilderness mainly has the following two illegal facts are reflected in the subsidiary of the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Ya body, is the first the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Ya trading inflated by flax 2011 annual profit of 16 million 5 thousand and 800 yuan; second is the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Asia through the rice trading inflated 2011 annual profit of 35 million 240 thousand yuan in the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Ya; in order not to expose the losses and to accomplish a task, then through forged contracts to inflated revenues and profits. From the illegal facts, mainly alleged false statements, and concentrated in the 2011 financial report, and eventually punished mainly the Great Northern Wilderness chairman Wang Daoming, the law for its direct mandate, and sign, but eventually died of illness, from being punished. When he was chairman of the Great Northern Wilderness Xin Asia, Yang Zhongcheng, deputy general manager of the Great Northern Wilderness and when he was general manager, when he was director of operations, chief financial officer, senior director and director of the project were punished. Is not strictly punished from punishment, the Great Northern Wilderness was fined 500 thousand yuan, and not the top grid penalty, Yang Zhongcheng as a person to be punished most, only fined 200 thousand yuan, other illegal workers were fined 50 thousand yuan -15 million, the lightest punishment is given a warning, and no fine. Insiders said that the listed company since the investigation was bad, was released for the first time, because the investigation will affect the company’s restructuring, and even affect the listed company, and the company once the results of the investigation, is often the best bad time. From the Great Northern Wilderness to be punished on the content, just prior to the illegal one back, administrative penalty decision is issued after the investigation was to make a bad time, investors need not worry because of administrative penalties. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: