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The Imperial Palace 600 years old city walls "antique" signs of danger appearing everywhere first start repairs – Beijing, built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle eighteen years (1420), the the Imperial Palace has been nearly 600 years old is existing in China’s largest and best preserved imperial palace wall, occupied an important position in the history of China fortification. Yesterday, the old city walls for the first time start test system maintenance, in order to antique "full of new youth. In addition, after 10 years of demonstration, the Imperial Palace infrastructure renovation project started. The JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Rantu JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Haixin nearly 600 years old, the old city walls of various physical walls China signs of danger appearing everywhere after thousands of years of development, inheritance and evolution, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties has become highly mature, the Imperial Palace is a good example of building walls of Ming and Qing official buildings. The Imperial Palace walls built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle four years (1406), was built in eighteen years of Yongle (1420). The total length of 3437.6 meters of the city wall, excluding the total length of the city of Taiwan is 2914.3 meters, the top of the wall width of 6.63 meters, the bottom width of 8.55 meters, height of 9.3 meters. The main structure in rammed earth brick masonry form as the core, outsourcing. There are four gates open in four directions, the gates built the city station and tower. At present, there are a lot of hidden dangers. Reporters on the scene saw the city wall brick weathering, weathering, away from the drum, and the relative bulging drum area, the maximum bulging amounted to 20 cm; the side wall has a plurality of vertical cracks, wall masonry mortar for multiple upper erosion and loose, missing; wall ground along crack line the development of ground subsidence and erosion; rammed earth walls, the walls and the ground side there are some vines. The Imperial Palace experts, these are seriously affecting the safety of the wall, in case of heavy rain will be part of the possibility of collapse, repair work without delay. The Imperial Palace city wall. Do a few times to repair the secret history – 1? In 50s has been repair record Dan Jixiang Dean of the Imperial Palace Museum, the Imperial Palace wall repair is the past 18 years the Forbidden City restoration project has not been included in the project. The Imperial Palace Museum has commissioned a reconnaissance unit of the whole wall conducted a detailed investigation, make the disease analysis, and for the most part is serious danger, formulated the repair plan scientifically, to start the first phase of renovation of the wall. In accordance with the renovation plan, the repair area for the first part of the north side of the history of the north gate of Xihua section, a total of 233 meters. According to the existing data records from 50s to 70s, the last century, the wall is two times of local repair records; late 90s to repair, to repair the outer wall; the wall in 2013 found serious danger, serious fracture, 2014 facing brick hollowing took temporary roof reinforcement measures. The repair will be dominated by the wall inside the repair, repair of the wall, the wall inside the wall, ground and wall wall wall Yu battlements. Different from the past is that the repair will be in the traditional process, the traditional materials for scientific records, experiments, through the study of traditional crafts and traditional materials, interviews, as well as craftsmen, etc..相关的主题文章: