The increase of COO, the new interrogation qoros can solve the dual problem tda7294

The increase of COO, the new "interrogation" qoros can solve the dual problem? No official news shows, qoros’s new COO (COO) in a few days ago to have been "low-key". Reporters from the inside of the car to confirm the view, the new COO Liu Liang has now arrived. In the first quarter of the original qoros CEO Murtaugh and qoros executive vice president (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Sun Xiaodong announced his resignation, qoros finally ushered in a new trader". Reporters from the qoros learned, although Liu Liang’s position was not previously qoros has been looking for a CEO post, but the current outlook caused by all affairs inside the car need to report to him, and he is directly to qoros chairman, deputy CEO Chen Anning report. At the same time, the concept of the car is still looking for candidates in the CEO. Liu Liang has more than 25 years of experience in the global automotive industry management work can be regarded as the automotive industry, the old man. Before joining qoros, WABCO (he is the leading manufacturer of global commercial vehicle safety and control system) truck, bus and car division, global president, also served as the Asia Pacific market leader, China. In addition, Liu Liang has worked in the famous car prices and parts enterprises, such as, Ford. Statistics show that Liu Liang during the tenure of Webbeko, Webbeko’s performance has been good, the whole parts enterprises under pressure, narrowing profit under the background of the market in recent years, Webbeko’s performance is still worthy of note. At the same time, there is a place of WABCO people pays close attention to, that is in 2015 through a variety of ways to achieve cost reduction and operational efficiency. Although the qoros said Liu Liang rich experience in the automotive industry, global vision, excellent leadership and management skills, will further strengthen the qoros management strength, promote the sustainable development of the company’s business progress. But in fact, from the enterprise into the vehicle parts industry, Liu Liang’s challenge will be small, moreover, for the current qoros, whether it is to proceed from the sales promotion, or from the control cost, reduce the loss, there are a lot of work to do. Fortunately, after the parts industry experience and WABCO lowering the efficiency of work, may provide some help to view the current situation. After experiencing the turbulence of the previous period of high-level changes, the concept of the car spent a short period of quiet period, although the CEO vacancies, but the company does not seem to have a significant impact on the operation. From the data point of view, in August of this year, the concept of car sales volume reached 13289, an increase of up to 66%, of which, only in August wholesale volume grew by up to 68%. At the same time, the relatively flexible dealer recruitment policy, qoros dealer network has reached 100, the new qoros communication and public relations vice president Yao Yu also told reporters, "qoros dealers had been profitable part of the city". However, beyond the good news, the problem is not yet critical to solve the problem caused by car. First, the sales volume has not yet reached expectations. According to the plan at the beginning of this year, car sales will be expected to reach.相关的主题文章: